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Discover siding manufacturers and get comprehensive pricing on many of their most popular products.


ABTCO pricing varies anywhere from $2.75 to $7 per square foot. This is the total project price, which includes all panels and additional material, as well as the installation price. See pricing for both Waterford and their Timbercrest I/S products.

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Alside cladding ranges from $3 to $7.50 per square foot for the panels, all materials and the installation costs. We will break down sample pricing for the different aspects of cladding projects, including their Charter Oak and Alside Prodigy.

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Explore Cellwood siding prices on their most popular products, including the Dimensions, Progressions, Evolutions and the Colonial Beaded vinyl siding options.

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These range from $2.70 and $9.15 per square foot installed. Products reviewed include their Weatherboards, Monogram 46, CedarBoards and Impressions Perfection Straight Edge.

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Crane products range from $3.50 to $10.50 (psf) per square foot installed. This includes the entire cost of the projects, including the Crane Board and any necessary painting involved, additional materials and the installation.

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Explore Durabuilt pricing on many of their most popular options, including the 410, 440, 450, 480, 650, 670 and 800 vinyl siding lines.

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Everlast costs range from $$4.50 to $8 per square foot fully installed. Consumers can expect to pay roughly $1.50 to $2 per square foot for this composite panel. This is the cost for the panels themselves, which will typically be handled by the contractor themselves.

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Gentek prices range from $2.50 to $7.50 per square foot. Find product info and costs on their Sequoia Select, Berkshire Beaded, Enfusion and Corcord panels.

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Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific prices for a completed project will vary anywhere from $2.75 to $7.50 per square foot. This is the completed project price, including the siding, additional material and installation.

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Pricing will typically fall somewhere between $2.75 and $7.50 per square foot and includes the product cost, all materials and the labor costs. Products we review include the HeartTech Polymer and CedarMAX composite cladding.

» Heartland Siding Prices | Heartland Colors

James Hardie

James Hardie will cost somewhere from $5 to $10.50 per square foot installed. The primed Select Cedarmill is a fiber cement siding with a .313 thickness. The product recieved a 73 out of 100 from Consumer Reports and was one of their recommended fiber cement products.

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Kaycan siding will price out at $3 to $7 installed. Find specific pricing for Kaycan Ocean Park Ultra, a foam backed product with a 71 out of 100 rating from Consumer Reports.

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Their products installed will run $3.50 to $7.50 per square foot. Read about the KP Perfection Shingle VSPC ($2.40 psf) and the KP Norman Rockwell ($1.65 psf), both of which received solid ratings from Consumer Reports.

» KP Siding Prices | KP Colors

LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide prices will range in price from $4 to $9 fully installed. LP SmartSide panels are made from aspen wood that have a zinc/borate treatment applied to the wafer board using a resin paper and 3 coats of sealer.

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Mastic prices will run anywhere from $2.65 to $8.50 per square foot installed. This project price estimate includes the cost of the panels or siding, all additional materials and the installation/labor. Reviewed products include Trade Mark, Brentwood, Structure EPS and Cedar Shingles.

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Maxilite prices will run $5 to $9 per square foot for the panels, removal, additional materials and the installation. Find product details and pricing on MaxiPANEL, MaxiSOFFIT, MultiSHAKE, and MaxiSHINGLEs.

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Mitten prices vary from $0.65 to $2.25 psf for their products and range from $2.65 to $7.25 psf fully installed.

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Napco projects will fall somewhere in the $3 to $8 psf range. This covers everything associated with the project; the Napco product, all remaining project materials and the cost of labor and installation. We provide pricing on all aspects of the project and specifically on their American Splendor product.

» Napco Siding Prices | Napco Colors


Nichiha prices range from $5.50 to $10.50 per square foot installed. This price includes the panels, painting, all additional project materials and the cost of installation. Make sure to check out the pricing at the bottom from actual homeowners to see some project specifics.

» Nichiha Siding Prices | Nichiha Colors


Norandex pricing runs from $2 to $7.05 psf installed. The Polar Wall Plus is a foam backed insulated siding with a .046 thickness and was rated 79 out of 100 by Consumer Reports. This was the third best score given out behind Royal and Heartland.

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Explore NuCedar siding prices which typically run around $7 per square foot for the product itself. NuCedar is a miiled PVC foam sheet that looks like real cedar shingles.

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Owens Corning

Owens Corning cladding will run $2 to $5.50 installed. This would include the Owens Corning panels, additional materials and the cost of installation. We also provide pricing for their Essnetials collection.

» Owens Corning Siding Prices | Owens Corning Colors

Ply Gem

Explore Ply Gem prices on many of their most popular lines and products. The company doesn't necessarily manufacture vinyl siding themselves, not exactly anyway. Instead, Ply Gem owns a number of well known siding companies, including Mastic Home Exteriors, Variform, Napco, Georgia Pacific, TrueWall, Cellwood, Durabuilt and Mitten vinyl siding.

» Ply Gem Siding Costs | Ply Gem Colors


The Preservation Siding Collection is manufactured by Alside and marketed as a stand alone product. In general, it is a solid line of boards and panels. The Preservation Collection is marketed as a top of the line vinyl siding collection and it is priced out as such.

» Peservation Costs | Preservation Colors


Revere products will range from $3.25 to $9 psf for the total installed siding cost. We have pricing, ratings and description information for their Sovereign Select vinyl panels.

» Revere Siding Prices | Revere Colors


Royal will run somewhere between $3 and $6.50 per square foot installed. This would encompass the Royal panels (we price out their Woodland 16 and Duraplank), any and all additional materials and the installation and labor costs.

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Variform prices run $2.75 to $8 fully installed. Explore costs and pricing on their best options and lines, including Nottingham, Vortex Extreme, ClimaForce and Heritage Cedar.

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Vytec pricing will run $2.50 to $7.75 psf for their most popular lines and options, including the Nantucket, Prestige, Proside LG and Vinyl Shakes.

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Wolverine prices range from $2.50 to $6.50 fully installed. Wolverine was at one time its own company, but was acquire by Certainteed, which then incorporated many of its product lines under the CertainTeed umbrella.

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