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Explore Nichiha Siding colors on many of their most popular fiber cement products and lines. The company offers what they call Color Xpressions (available with their Illuminuation Series boards), which can match many popular paint manufacturer colors with their satin finish option. Compare available fiber cement colors here.

Customers can go out and find their perfect paint from any of the national paint companies, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, etc. They get the manufacturer's color chip or name and tell their local Nichiha rep the color information. Nichiha makes a color swatch and sends it to the customer, who either works with the rep to tweak it, or they sign off on it and the company manufactures the boards. Seems like a pretty good siding color system to us.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock Colors

Description: The Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock has a contemporary look to it, with clean lines, modern tones and simple seams. This cladding is ideal for modern buildings that need an exterior fiber cement siding that is strong and cost effective.

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Nichiha VintageWood Colors

Description: The Nichiha VintageWood collection uses warm wood textures and tons to create the vintage retro look that the name suggests. The boards can run horizontal or vertical for different looks and feels.

Nichiha EmpireBlock Colors

Description: The Nichiha EmpireBlock exudes an industrial look and feel that can be combined with a number of different styles to create interesting and dazzling look for the exterior cladding of a home or office.

Nichiha NichiBoard Colors

Description: The Nichiha NichiBoard is their standard horizontal lap board that is made from fiber cement. Each board is factory primed and comes in either a smooth or cedar texture. NichiBoard can be ordered in any paint chip that the consumer wants (thus the absence of a Nichiha color chart below.)

Nichiha Sierra Premium Smooth Colors

Description: Nichiha Sierra Smooth is a premium lap siding made from fiber cement panels. The boards are .050" thick with deep shadow lines that looks great and holds up well.

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Nichiha NichiFrontier Colors

Description: The Nichiha NichiFrontier option comes in 8' boards that are 7/16" thick and have deeply defined grooves. The boards come in either a PPG coating or as factory primed. The NichiFrontier is made out of nearly 50% recycled content and is available in 3 colors, including terra, shadow and hazelnut.

Nichiha Premium Shake Colors

Description: The Nichiha Premium Shake is a premium fiber cement panel that is .050" in thickness and comes in a 9'4" panel length. The Premium Shake panel is available in 4 distinct colors.

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