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Preservation Siding Prices

Preservation Siding prices tend to be somewhat higher in price compared with similar quality siding products. The Preservation Collection is marketed as a top of the line vinyl siding collection and it is priced out as such. The Preservation Siding Collection is manufactured by Alside and marketed as a stand alone product. Read all of our Alside siding reviews.

In general, it is a solid line of boards and panels, but we would advise consumers to get a few additional bids in order to compare the quality of the siding boards themselves, as well as compare the price quotes and how they stack up to one another.

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Preservation VLS Siding

The Preservation VLS line is the economy of builder grade vinyl siding from Preservation that comes in 21 colors and is comparable in price and quality to Alside Charter Oak vinyl siding.

Preservation VLS Siding Prices

Preservation Premium Siding

The Premium vinyl siding is a step up in terms of quality and construction and is also available in 21 colors. The Premium line is comparable in price and quality to the Durabuilt 650 Series.

Preservation Premium Siding Costs

Preservation Ultra-Premium

The Preservation Ultra Premium vinyl line incorporates an oak grain texture into the panels and comes in either a clapbaord of dutch lap profile. The boards are extremely thick, .050" per panel, which makes for a dent resistant and durable board. The Ultra Premium is available in 27 distinct color options. The Ultra Premium line is comparable in price and quality to Heartland HeartTech.

Preservation Ultra-Premium Cost

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Preservation Integra Vinyl Siding

The Preservation Integra is an insulated vinyl siding product that is very well made, but also expensive. The siding comes in 16' boards and three profiles, which include a double 6" double 5" dutch lap and a single 7" clapboard. The Integra line is comparable in price and quality to Mastic Structure EPS.

Preservation Integra Price

Preservation Siding Warranty

Preservation (owned by AMI) offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in the siding during the manufacturing process that can be transferred a single time to another owner. The subsequent owner receives gets the warranty provisions for 50 years from the original date of purchase. However, after 14 years and until year 50, the company covers only 10% of the cost of the defective product. Their vinyl siding warranty specifically does not cover any damage or defects from the installation.

The warranty covers excessive fading, which is defined as more than three Hunter Units of color change. In the event of an ownership transfer, the subsequent owner receives the fade warranty provision for 50 years from the original date of purchase. Preservation also includes a hail provision that warranties against damage from hail, although homeowners must first go through their homeowner's insurance before seeking compensation from AMI's warranty.

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