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Vinyl Siding Prices & Costs

Discover vinyl siding prices and see honest breakdowns on material and installation costs. The site is broken down by materials, colors, reviews, installation, manufacturers and also provides costs using our price estimator.

Project Basics

Discover great articles that will help you understand more about the basics of buying and selected the right vinyl siding for your home. Explore the best siding products on the market, 5 cheap vinyl cladding options, get purchasing and buying guides, as discover the issues related to thickness and fading, as well as ratings & performance.

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Siding Prices By Material

Explore siding prices according to the various types of available material and styles. There are huge price variations between the different materials; for instance vinyl panels cost as little as $3 per square foot to install using a professional contractor, while fiber cement siding can cost as much as $10.50 psf installed.

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Installation Costs

Find siding installation prices for different cladding products and materials per square foot. Siding installation prices will typically account for 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of an entire project. The percentage cost will depend on how complex or simple the project details, as well as the cladding materials used.

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Prices By Manufacturer

Discover siding manufacturers, get product descriptions and pricing on the most popular siding brands available, including Nichiha, KP, Kaycan, Royal, CertainTeed, James Hardie and many more.

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Calculators / Estimators

Discover vinyl siding calculators and estimators in order to get a better idea of what your project will ultimately cost.

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