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Durabuilt Siding Colors

Explore Durabuilt siding colors and color options on all of their vinyl siding series. Find color swatches and samples on the 410, 440, 450, 480, 650, 670 and 800 series. The company offers a number of color options, although there is less variety than many other manufacturers offer - see Georgia Pacific colors and Alside siding colors.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Durabuilt 410 Series

Description: The 410 series is their builder or cheap vinyl siding that uses a low gloss finish and a natural wood emboss texture. It is available in 4 unique profiles, including a 4" lap, 4.5" dutch lap, 5" traditional lap and a triple 3" lap. The boards use a 1/2" panel projection and consumers can choose from some 10 colors.

Durabuilt 440 Series

Description: 440 Series uses a rough-sawn texture on the boards and is available in 4 profiles, including a 4" lap or 4" dutchlap and a 5" lap or 5" dutch lap. The boards have a 9/16" panel projection and consumers can choose from 13 unique colors, including 3 premium dark color options.

Durabuilt 450 Series

Description: The 450 vinyl siding series has a smooth texture and low-gloss finish that helps to emphasize the beaded edge and shadow that is quite distinctive. The line comes in a single profile and 9 designer colors.

Durabuilt 480 Series

Description: The 480 series is a board and batten vinyl siding that uses a 7" face and a 1.5" batten that helps to create depth and character to the exterior of the home. Board and battens often are considered a more rustic look and the 480 is available in 7 designer colors and a low gloss finish.

Durabuilt 650 Series

Description: The 650 series is a specialty shingle siding that incorporates a rustic split cedar design with a nice wood grain texture. The series includes corner post panels that look perfect with the vinyl shake shingles. The 650 comes in 11 accent color options.

Durabuilt 670 Series

Description: The Durabuilt 670 series is also a shingle siding that offers rustic craftsmanship and a wood grain finish that is strong and durable. It is available in 11 distinct color selections.

Durabuilt 800 Series

Description: The Durabuilt 800 vinyl siding is a foam backed option that can help with the energy efficiency of a home . According to the company website, the panels add 2.8 R-value to the walls and help create straighter boards that are more resistant to dents. The 800 series is the company's best siding option.

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