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Preservation Siding Colors

The Preservation Siding Collection is owned by Associated Materials Inc. (AMI), which also owns Alside, Gentek, UltraGuard and Revere. The "Collection" offers both windows and siding that are marketed as a high end product for discerning customers. In terms of the siding, the quality is certainly solid, although the products also seem to be priced high. It's unclear whether the higher price is worth the quality of the product.

Their Standard Color Collection includes Vintage Wicker, Tuscan Clay, Platinum Gray, Natural Linen, Mystic Blue, Monterey Sand, Maple, Juniper Ridge, Glacier White, Colonial Ivory, Coastal Sage, Cape Cod Gray, Antique Parchment and Adobe Cream. The company also offers an upgraded Designer Color Collection that includes Storm, Canyon Drift, Harbor Blue, Somerset Wheat, Midnight Blue, Arbor, Deep Moss and Autumn Red.

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Preservation Integra Siding Colors

The Preservation Integra is an insulated vinyl siding product that is very well made, but also expensive. The siding comes in 16' boards and three profiles, which include a double 6" double 5" dutch lap and a single 7" clapboard.

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Preservation VLS Siding Colors

The Preservation VLS line is the economy of builder grade vinyl siding from Preservation that is available in 21 unique colors.

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Preservation Premium Vinyl Siding Colors

The Premium Vinyl Siding Series is a step up in terms of quality, durability and construction and is also available in 21 colors. The Preservation Collection is manufactured by Alside - click to explore more on Alside vinyl siding prices.

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Preservation Ultra Premium Colors

The Preservation Ultra Premium vinyl line incorporates an oak grain texture into the panels and comes in either a clapbaord or dutch lap profile. The boards are extremely thick, .050" per panel, which makes for a dent resistant and durable board. The Ultra Premium is available in 27 distinct color options.

Preservation Board & Batten Colors

The Preservation Board And Batten comes in a 7" wide profile, a low gloss finish and has the natural look of a real wood siding. The Collection is available in 13 different color options.

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