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NuCedar Siding Prices

Explore NuCedar siding prices on many of their most popular products and services. NuCedar uses a PVC foam sheet, that is then milled in such a way that it realistically replaicates the look of cedar siding, without the maintenance and aesthetic degradation that occurs to cedar as it ages. The material is not cheap, however it should last at least 2x that of traditional cedar shingles.

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NuCedar Panel Costs

Nucedar is by no means cheap and will run at the high end in terms of per square foot, depending on where you buy and the product you select. For instacce, a 16 foot by 7 inch plank of NuCedar costs roughly $65, which equates to a per square foot price of roughly $7. The company offers three different options , including vertical siding, shingles and clapboard panels.

NuCedar Shingles Pricing

Additional Materials

There are additional costs on materials for any siding project. These will include housewrap, soffit, trim & fascia boards, collated nails, j & f channels, starter courses and decorative items. These will typically run $1 to $2 per square foot, although there is certainly more price variation than this depending on how intricate the homeowner's vision.

-- Additional Materials: $1 to $2 psf --

Installation Pricing

Installation pricing for composite siding will typically $1 to $3 per sqaure foot, depending on the skill and expertise of the contractor, the time of year, the size of the project and the state in which you live (worker's compensation often accounts for quite a bit of the contractor's overhead and varies quite a bit by location).

-- Installation Pricing: $1 to $3 psf --

Overall Project Cost

The overal project cost for NuCedar panels will run $7 to $12 per square foot. This includes the cost of the NuCedar panels all the additional materials needed and, of course, the cost of installation.

-- Complete Project Cost: $7 to $12 psf --

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