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Vytec Siding Prices

Explore Vytec siding prices on their most popular lines and options, including the Nantucket, Prestige, Proside and Shakes vinyl siding options.

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Vytec Nantucket Siding

The Nantucket lines uses wood grain finish to resemble the look of real cedar siding and offers decent durable at a pretty reasonable price. The Nantucket is available in a double 4.5", 5" dutchlap or a 4.5" dutch lap profile and comes in 11 color options.

Vytec Nantucket Siding Prices

Vytec Prestige Vinyl Siding

The Prestige is their mid range vinyl cladding option that comes in a double 4.5", 5" dutchlap or a 4.5" dutch lap profile and comes in 21 color options.

Vytec Prestige Costs

Vytec Proside LG

The Proside LG is the premium vinyl lap siding from Vytec that comes in a 4.5" dutchlap, 4" double, 4.5" double and a single 8" bevel profile. The Proside is available in 13 Vytec color combinations.

Vytec Proside LG Cost

Vytec Vinyl Shakes

The Vytec vinyl shakes takes on the look of rustic shake siding that has a rough sawn look, grain and texture. They offer the shakes in a single 7" profile and in either a straight or variegated length.

Vytec Vinyl Shake Pricing

Additional Materials

Whether your project is new siding for the home or residing an existing wall, there will be additional materials costs that includes housewrap, fascia trim and soffit boards, collated nails, J and F channels, starter boards, gable vents, as well as any remaining accessories that you may want for the project. As a rule of thumb, these additional materials will run somewhere between $1 and $2 per square foot.

-- Additional Materials: $1 to $2 psf --

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Installation And Labor

Vinyl siding installation runs $1 to $2 per square foot as well. One of the biggest factors is location, both due to regional labor costs, as well as things like worker's comp insurance, which can be much more expensive in some states than others. This is one reason why getting several bids can help insure that the project price you pay is as competitive as possible.

-- Installation Prices: $1 to $2 psf --

Project Price Tag

The entry to standard price range for a project using a Vytec product such as the Nantucket or the Prestige will fall in the $2.50 to $5 per square foot, which covers the vinyl siding panels, all additional materials and the cost of the installation. Mid range to premium pricing for the Proside or Shakes will run in the $5 to $7.75 per square foot fully installed.

-- Completed Project Cost: $2.50 to $7.75 psf fully installed --

Vytec Siding Warranty

The Vytec warranty is relatively straight forward - it is a Limited Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on its panels to the original homeowner. There is a color fade provision that warranties the siding not to fade more than four Hunter units during the initial 10 years. (The fade provision is not transferable to another owner.) If the boards do flake, blister or corrode, the company will replace or repair the siding and cover the installation for as long as the original owner owns the home. The warranty is transferable, but the repair and replace provision is on a percentage basis so by year 14 (after original date of purchase), the company will only cover 10% of the cost.

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