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CertainTeed Siding Colors And Vinyl Siding Color Chart

Explore Certainteed siding colors and color swatches from many of their most popular vinyl siding products and lines. The company offers a huge range of color options that all vary based on the particular siding and profile. For instance, the Monogram 46 series comes in 41 colors (perhaps at some time it was 46 colors for the name.) Below is a description of each product, along with color swatches for each.

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Certainteed Monogram Siding Colors

Description:Certainteed Monogram 46 is a vinyl horizontal or lap board that looks like a natural cedar board and is available in 3 distinct profiles, including a double 4" and double 5" clapboard and a double 5" dutchlap. The real advantage to this .046" thick panel is that it comes in over 40 color and trim colors.

CertainTeed Carolina Beaded Siding Colors

Description: Carolina Beaded panels use a deep V groove to create a shadow and depth that adds dimension and a more distinctive look to this vinyl siding. As is typical of beaded vinyl siding, it uses a low gloss with brushed finish that mimics the look a painted wood panels. The Carolina Beaded is .044 in thickness and comes in 14 unique color options.

Certainteed CedarBoards Colors

Description: CedarBoards are an insulated vinyl panel with a .044 thickness. Consumer Reports rated this 67 out of 100, not the best score for a foam backed cladding. The product is available in 5 distinct profiles and in 19 colors.

Cedar Impressions Shingle Colors

The Impressions series offers 8 different options split between vinyl shingles and shakes with different textures and sizes. The Perfection Straight Edge is .100 in thickness and received a 95 out of 100 by Consumer Reports. This was the highest rating of any siding product in any category. These products are offered in 25 color selections.

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