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Mastic Siding Colors

Explore Mastic siding colors on many of their most popular product lines and materials. The company was bought by Ply Gem back in 2006 and now the product line is officially known as Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem.

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Mastic Siding Color Chart

Mastic Quest Colors

Description: Mastic Quest cladding is available in a single 4" profile and some 35 different color options, including 18 premium color selections and 17 standard colors.

Mastic Carvedwood Siding Colors

Description: Mastic Carvedwood 44 is a a cedar lap siding that is available in 6 different profiles, 2 finishes that includes smooth and wood grain and 26 colors selections.

Mastic Ovation Siding Colors

Description: The Mastic Ovation comes in 20 color samples and 5 unique profiles, including a single 6.5", double 4" or 5", double 4.5" dutch lap and a triple 3".

Mastic Liberty Elite Siding Colors

Description: Mastic Liberty Elite is a strong cladding that is available in 14 color combinations.

Mastic Charleston Beaded

Description: Mastic Charleston beaded cladding includes a clear shadow line and comes in a smooth traditional finish. Customers can choose from 15 different color samples.

Mastic Mill Creek Vinyl Siding Colors

Description: Mastic Mill Creek vinyl cladding has a realistic wood grain and rustic finish that is available in 13 unique color options.

Mastic Brentwood Siding Colors

Description:The Mastic Brentwood provides the classic look of wood clapboard cladding and is available in 13 color samples. This line gets a 68 from consumer reports, which isn't all that impressive and has a .040" thickness.

Mastic Cedar Discovery Colors

Description: Mastic Cedar Discovery is a cedar vinyl shake that can be ordered in 40 color options and several impressive styles. The Discovery shingles receive an impressive 90 from consumers reports and are a thick .080". This cladding is not cheap, but we think that Mastic Discovery Shakes are one of the best vinyl siding options available.

Mastic Structure EPS Colors

Description: Mastic Structure EPS foam backed siding is a premium cladding that offers better impact resistance,increased R value, as well incresed rigidity for straighter walls. This clapboard siding comes in 14 colors options, has a 0.044" thickness and gets a 77 rating from consumer reports vinyl siding.

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