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Siding Colors & Color Swatches

Discover siding colors and combinations for many of the most popular manufacturers.

Fiber Cement

Explore the color options available for the most popular fiber cement products currently on the market.

» Fiber Cement Siding Colors


ABTco siding span the gamut from very bold and rich to quite light and subtle. Each product offers a unqiue set of shades and options - check out all of their color palettes here.

» ABTco Colors


Discover Alcoa color samples for many of the most popular products and lines. Alcoa is now owned by Ply Gem, which also owns Mastic vinyl siding.

» Alcoa Color Options


Explore the various Alside siding colors on many of their most popular prodcuts. In addition to their normal selections, the company also has their Comtemporary and Architectural collection, which typically are more expensive options.

» Alside Siding Chart


Explore Certainteed siding on their most popular products, including the Dimensions, Progressions, Evolutions and the Colonial Beaded vinyl options.

» Cellwood Siding Colors


Explore Certainteed siding colors and swatches from many of their most popular vinyl siding products and lines. The company offers a huge range of options that all vary based on the particular siding and profile.

» CertainTeed Color Samples


Explore Crane siding combinations and swatches and discover the options available for many of their most popular products.

» Crane Siding Colors


Explore Durabuilt vinyl siding colors and color options on all of their products and series. Find color swatches and samples on the 410, 440, 450, 480, 650, 670 and 800 series.

» Crane Siding Colors


Gentek colors are available in two series, either the Designer or the Variegated Series. In general the company offers a fairly wide variety of color options.

» Gentek Siding Colors


Explore Everlast color options on their unique composite polymer cladding. The company offers 14 color options, from subtle & soothing to striking and bold.

» Everlast Color Options

Georgia Pacific

Browse Georgia Pacific Color options for many of their popular styles and products.

» Georgia Pacific Siding Color


Heartland offers three lines that include their Lifestyle, Signature Collection and Americana. We have provided color charts for several of their top siding options.

» Heartland Color Selections

James Hardie

View samples and swatches of James Hardie fiber cement. Hardie Board offers some 20 option that can be selected for all of their products.

» James Hardie Siding Colors


Find Kaycan colors, combinations and swatches on many of their most polular products and materials.

» Kaycan Siding Colors


Explore KP colors on many of their most popular products, including Normal Rockwell vinyl siding, Adirondack, Perfection Shingles and Hudson Bay.

» KP Vinyl Color Combinations

LP Smartside

There are two options now when it comes to LP Smartside colors, the company's 12 color samples or the 12 color options from Diamond Kote. The boards come with a five year warranty on the finish, but there are some exclusions in the warranty that homeowners need to be aware of.

» LP Smartside Colors


View Mastic color swatches on many of their most popular product lines and materials. The company was bought by Ply Gem back in 2006 and now the product line is officially known as Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem.

» Mastic Color Samples


There are tons of options with Maxitile panels, shakes and soffits, which tends to be one reason that so many homeowners choose fiber cement over vinyl siding, which can't be painted due to the warranty restrictions. Homeowners can either select a distributor colors or buy them primed and paint the panels themselves.

» Maxitile Fiber Cement Colors


Mitten offers 3 distinct color collections, including their standard, premium and designer. Explore mitten siding colors and color swatches from many of their popular products.

» Mitten Siding Colors


Napco tends to be less bold in their color option as compare to other companies. Each of their 9 distinct products has a different set of color options to choose from. They offer 21 colors in total and only their American Splendor comes in all 21 colors.

» Napco Siding Colors


Nichiha manufactures a wide array of fiber cement products that span from traditional panels to modern and industrial styles and options.

» Nichiha Standard Colors


Explore Norandex siding colors and color options on their most popular products, including Sawmill, Town Square, Sterling, Ridgeview, Great Barrier, Sagebrush and Polar Wall Plus!

» Norandex Color Chart


Explore NuCedar siding colors, which come in 18 unique options for their three profile options; clapboard, shingles and vertical siding. The company gets good reviews generally, although they certainly aren't as well known as other companies.

» NuCedar Colors

Owens Corning

The Owens Corning Essentials siding is one of the most affordable vinyl options out there. For the most part, the color samples are relatively tame, focusing on a softer color palette, instead of one that emphasizes color color choices.

» Owens Corning Siding Colors


» Preservation Colors


Explore Revere colors on many of their vinyl siding options, including Driftwood, Berkshire Classic and Beaded, Sovereign Select and more. The company offers three different color collections, including the Classic Colors, Designer Colors and their Variegated Color Collection.

» Revere Siding Colors


Explore Royal colors and color samples in their primary color palette, which offers 28 unique options.

» Royal Siding Colors


Explore Vytec siding colors on many of their most popular brands, including Shakes, Prestige, Proside, Bayside Beaded, Nantucket and Beaded Porch Panel.

» Vytec Colors


Explore Wolverine color options on both the Encore and American Legends product lines. Wolverine was at one time an independent company, but was purchased by CertainTeed who now sells these two popular products under their umbrella of cladding options.

» Wolverine Siding Colors