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Everlast Siding Colors

Explore Everlast siding colors on their unique composite polymer cladding. The company offers 14 color options, from subtle & soothing to striking and bold. The company offers what they call ColorHoldĀ®, which they claim reduces the amount of fading that will occur to the panels over time.

They back up their composite polymer panels with a Lifetime Fade warranty that does protect the siding from any excessive fading that might occur. Read our Everlast siding reviews to see if other consumers have had any issues with fading etc.

Consumers can paint this composite cladding in the future if they need to (we haven't checked the warranty so it's unclear whether this would void the Lifetime Fading warranty). This is a nice option to have, although obviously painting a home is a costly process, it's an option that isn't available with vinyl siding panels. For Everlast prices and estimated project costs, check out our price page. To compare siding costs, use our free cost calculator.

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