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Siding Calculators & Estimators

Our siding calculators and estimators can help you find great price estimates for your next project.

Barn Siding Calculator

Our barn siding calculator will help you get accurate pricing for your siding project using the many different materials that are called barn siding, including cedar, clapboard, reclaimed wood and metal.

» Barn Siding Estimator

Bevel Siding

Beveled siding is a horizontal cladding where the bottom edge of the board is slightly thicker than the top edge of the board.

» Bevel Siding Calculator


Our brick siding calculator can help you get industry average pricing for your next brick project, whether it is simply an accent wall or re-siding the entire home. Brick is one of the more expensive materials to use to clad your home because the bricks must be individually mortared into place by a professional mason.

» Brick Cost Calculator

Cedar Siding Calculator

Our cedar siding calculator will help you get accurate pricing for your siding project using cedar wood shingles or shakes.

» Cedar Siding Calculator.

Hardie Board

In general, the cost of Hardiplank or Hardie Board will run $5 to $10 per square foot installed. This will include the cost for the Hardiplank, any additional materials like trim, fascia, soffits etc. as well as the labor and installation.

» Hardie Siding Calculator

Fiber Cement

This material runs anywhere from $1 to $4 for the panels themselves. Installation cost on these boards is more expensive than a standard vinyl due to the increase in weight of the boards.

» Fiber Cement Siding Calculator

Lap Siding

Use our free lap siding estimator for accurate pricing information on your next project. Explore free costs and price estimates.

» Lap Siding Calculator


This estimator will help you get accurate pricing for your vinyl siding project. Simply key in your project specifics and find an industry standard price on your next project. Find out more about this great resource.

» Vinyl Siding Calculator

» Insulated Vinyl Costs


Our wood siding calculator provides pricing for many different types of wood siding; cedar, barn, lap, board and batten and plywood or t-111 siding.

» Wood Cladding Calculator

Costs Per Square Foot

Explore siding costs per square foot for all of the most popular materials such as aluminum, fiber cement, vinyl, engineered wood and more.

» Siding Costs Per Square Foot