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Gentek Siding Colors

Gentek siding colors are available in two series, either the Designer or the Variegated Series. In general the company offers a fairly wide variety of color options. Color Clear Through is the Gentek color system that is not a paint applied to the top layer, but rather is infused throughout the panels. This helps to protect the siding from discoloration if there are chips or scratches.

Gentek vinyl siding colors include rainforest, earthen, willow, maple, chestnut, aspen, smoke, windswept, midnight-surf, moonlit moss, saddle brown, dark drift, harvest wheat, venetian red, juniper grove, sage, mist-blue, storm, dover-gray, pearl, sandalwood, wicker, pebble, canyon clay, antique ivory, maize, almond, sandstone, linen and snow-white.

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Gentek Sequoia Select Colors

Description: Gentek Sequoia Select is one of their premium vinyl cladding that isn't a foam backed option. The Sequoia Select is .046" thick, is avialable in 5 distinct profiles and comes in 27 classic, variegated and designer colors.

Gentek Sequoia Select Extended Length

Description: The Gentek Sequoia Select is a premium vinyl siding that isn't a foam backed cladding. The Sequoia Select is .046" thick, is avialable in 5 distinct profiles and comes in 27 classic, variegated and designer colors. The extended length option offers a longer 16' panel instead of the traditional 12' panel.

Gentek Signature Supreme Colors

Description: Gentek Signature Supreme description coming soon.

Gentek Berkshire Beaded Colors

Description: The Berkshire beaded vinyl siding is still one of the higher end options from Gentek and uses that nice beaded ridge in the middle to create texture and shadow. The Berkshire has a . 040" thickness, comes in a single profile and is available in 14 different color options.

Gentek Centennial Beaded Color Options

Description: Gentek Centennial Beaded description coming soon.

Gentek Aurora Color Chart

Description: Gentek Aurora siding description coming soon.

Gentek Concord Colors

Description: The Concord is an entry level cladding that is .042" in thickness, available in 5 unique profiles and comes in 16 colors. The Concord can also be ordered as board and batten vertical cladding which is more expensive but will have a slightly thicker panel.

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