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Explore Vytec siding colors on many of their most popular brands, including Shakes, Prestige, Proside, Bayside Beaded, Nantucket and Beaded Porch Panel.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Vytec Shake Colors

Description: The Vytec vinyl shakes takes on the look of rustic shake siding that has a rough sawn look, grain and texture. They offer the shakes in a single 7" profile and in either a straight or variegated length. Explore our Vytec vinyl siding color chart below.

Vytec Prestige Siding Colors

Description: The Prestige is their mid range vinyl siding option that comes in a double 4.5", 5" dutchlap or a 4.5" dutch lap profile and comes in 21 color options.

Vytec Proside Siding Colors

Description: The Proside LG is the premium vinyl lap siding from Vytec that comes in a 4.5" dutchlap, 4" double, 4.5" double and a single 8" bevel profile. The Proside is available in 13 color combinations.

Vytec Bayside Beaded Colors

Vytec Board And Batten Colors

Nantucket Siding

Description: The Nantucket lines uses wood grain finish to resemble the look of real cedar siding and offers decent durable at a pretty reasonable price. The Nantucket is available in a double 4.5", 5" dutchlap or a 4.5" dutch lap profile and comes in 11 color options.

Vytec Beaded Porch Panel