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Napco siding colors tends to be less bold than other companies like Crane and Mitten. Each of their 9 distinct products has a different set of color options to choose from. They offer 21 colors in total and only their American Splendor comes in all 21 colors.

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Napco American Splendor

Napco American Essence

Description: The American Essence is a thick insulated siding panel that is available in two profiles, including a double 6" and a single 7". The siding comes in a natural cedar grain with a low gloss and is available in14 color options. Foam backed panels will be considerably more expensive than non insulated or foam back options. Consumers can expect to pay somewhere between $1.75 to $2.25 per square foot for the boards. Compare the Napco American Essence to

Napco American Splendor XL

Napco American Herald Siding

Napco American Tradition Siding

Napco American Comfort

American 76 Beaded

American Accents Board and Batten