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James Hardie Siding Colors

James Hardie offers a nice selection of colors that are unique from other siding manufacturers. While many other manufacturers offer certain color selections and collections that differ by product, Hardie Board offers some 20 option that can be selected for all of their fiber cement siding and product lines. Discover Hardie siding cost per square foot with our free calculator.

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ColorPlus Technology

ColorPlus Technology is Hardie's patented process that actually infuses the pigment or color into the fiber cement in the factory prior to being sold to retailers or contractors directly. The result, according to James Hardie, is a richer color experience that has a higher degree of fade resistance. See what installers and homeowners think of their products on our HardieBoard siding reviews page. (Color fading is one of the most common complaints from both contractor and homeowners when it comes to vinyl siding).

Because of their rigorous process, Hardie claims that their fiber cement boards have a higher degree of color matching accuracy from batch to batch. By apply multiple color coats to the boards, they actually use up to 50% more paint than what would normally be applied by an installer who paints the boards on the job site. The company offers a 15 year warranty on color fade for their products - their technology uses standards that are equal to the automobile industry. For additional information, see our page on James Hardie siding prices.

List Of Color Swatches

James Hardie colors include: Alpine Frost, Arctic White, Autumn Tan, Countryland Red, Boothbay Blue, Evening Blue, Harris Cream, Cobble Stone, Heathered Moss, Frosted Green, Iron Gray, Khaki Brown, Mountain Sage, Light Mist, Soft Green, Navajo Beige, Monterey Taupe, Woodland Cream and Timber Bark.

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