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Explore KP siding colors on many of their most popular products, including Normal Rockwell vinyl siding, Adirondack, Perfection Shingles and Hudson Bay. The company offers a total of 35 different color options, although each vinyl siding line is offered in its own unique set of color swatches and combinations.

Explore some of the more KP popular options and see color availability and samples below.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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KP Norman Rockwell Vinyl Siding

Description: KP Norman Rockwell is a vinyl siding that has a .046 thickness and scored 79 (out of a potential 100) from Consumer Reports siding ratings. This is a very good score for the price and the fact that it is not a foam backed product. This product is available in two profiles and in 22 colors.

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KP Adirondack Siding

Description: The KP Adirondack vinyl log siding recreates the look of real log siding, without the maintenance and cost associated with the material. Log siding is not only very expensive, but also very heavy and labor intensive. The Adirondack panels have a .046" thickness and are available in 4 unique color options.

KP Perfection Shingles

Description: KP Perfection Shingle VSPC is vinyl shingle cladding that has a .10 thickness and scored 83 (out of a potential 100) from Consumer Reports magazine. This is the lowest score in the shingle category, although the product is priced significantly lower than its competitors. This product has more of a shake look (rough sawn) than other products in this category. It is available in a single profile and 25 color selections.

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KP Hudson Bay Vinyl Siding

Description:The Hudson Bay is the company's entry level siding that has a .40" thick panel and is available in 12 color options.

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