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Nichiha Siding Prices

Nichiha siding prices range from $5.50 to $9.50 per square foot installed. This price includes the panels, painting, all additional project materials and the cost of installation. Make sure to check out the pricing at the bottom from actual homeowners to see some project specifics.

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Nichiha Siding Cost

Primed but not painted Nichiha panels should run $1 to $1.50 per square foot, while primed boards that are also pre-painted at the factory will run $1.50 to $2.50 psf. Specialty colors from the factory may also affect the per board price and can add $.25 to $.50 per square foot.

Nichiha Siding Prices

Additional Material Cost

Additional materials (nails, housewrap, soffit, fascia, trim etc.) will certainly add to the contractor bid price and will vary based the size of the project. There are also different grades of materials that can raise or lower the price. One other huge factor is the region of the country that you live in (although this tends to affect the installation cost more than anything).

-- Additional Material Cost: $1 to $2 psf --

Installation Costs

Installation of a fiber cement product such as Nichiha will run $2 to $5 per square foot. It is more than vinyl siding, which is easier to install and requires less skill. The cutting of the boards must be done properly to avoid any moisture getting underneath the boards and causing issues down the road. There are loads of nightmare stories out there about poor installation so please work diligently to select the right contractor for your project.

-- Installation Costs: $2 to $5 psf --

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Estimated Project Total

Entry level projects with Nichiha fiber cement panels will run $5.50 to $7 per square foot fully installed. Mid range and high end pricing will run $7 to $9.50 psf and includes the cost of the panels, all additional materials and the cost of the installation.

-- Project Cost: $5.50 to $9.50 psf installed --

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Actual Homeowner Project Pricing

Nichiha Primed Panels
Price: $4.00 psf
Cost includes product and on site painting
Location: Southwest U.S.
Project bid is from 2008.

Nichiha Cedar Panels
Price: $5.25 per 8.25" panel
Price: $4.25 per 6.25" panel
Cost is for material only
Location: Tennessee
Project bid is from 2009.