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LP SmartSide Prices

Explore LP SmartSide prices from contractors and consumers. Complete projects will range in price from $4 to $9 fully installed. LP SmartSide panels are made from aspen wood that have a zinc/borate treatment applied to the wafer board using a resin paper and 3 coats of sealer.

The product comes pre-primed from the factory, although it needs to be painted every 5 years of so (basically when the panels begins to peel). The boards come with a five year warranty on the finish, but there are some exclusions in the warranty that homeowners need to be aware of. In general, the LP SmartSide gets good reviews from installers who feel it offers good durability and color options.

-- LP SmartSide Prices: $4 to $9 psf installed --

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LP Smart Siding Panel Cost

The LP Smartside boards are typically sold by the box in varying dimensions, such as 6" by 16", 8" by 6' etc. so providing per square foot pricing isn't always the most intuitive method. However, most homeowners will get a per square price (100 square feet) that will typically range from $1 to $2 for the primed panels. If you are using a contractor for the project, they will typically price it out for you using this per square method.

Most contractors will order 10% to 15% more than the project amount in order to account for poor cuts and general issues that always crop up during installation. Many contractors get a contractor price on the LP Smartside board, but still charge the consumer the retail price, which is fair considering that the contractor is picking up and delivering the panels to the job site.

LP Smart Siding Price

Additional Material Prices

In the case of the LP SmartSide, the cost of the paint will have to be factored in and this will depend on whether you are using a stock of custom color. Additional materials include all of the trim and soffit pieces, the nails and starter courses, tyvec house wrap etc. As a rule of thumb, most contractors will add $100 to $200 per square onto their bid for the cost of materials.

-- Additional Material Prices: $1 to $2 psf --

Installation Costs

The cost of Installation of LP SmartSide will be on par with a fiber cement product such as Hardiplank. The boards are heavier than vinyl siding and therefore require more labor and experience.

-- Installation Costs: $2 to $5 psf --

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