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"My wife and I used the Harbor Ridge Rustic from ABTco and it was easy to install and looks beautiful. It's held up well over the four years we've had it on our home. The biggest issue for us for location, the closest place that carried it was..."

ABTco Reviews


"I can only offer praise about the Alside Conquest vinyl siding which I had installed on my home six years ago. Since then we have had some major storms, including a tornado which caused my home to be battered with debris. Only a few pieces of needed replacing... "

Alside Siding Reviews


"I chose Apex because Marvin assisted us with the installation. It is the perfect choice, no maintenance and while it may not be as visually appealing as the Everlast it was the best financial solution for us right now..."

Apex Siding Reviews


"With our new home I wanted to go with Canexel and will probably regret that we selected a wood clapboard siding instead to blend in with the style of our property. I don't think you will be sorry if you choose the Canexel..."

Canexel Siding Reviews


"The Certainteed fiber cement was offered with a fifty year warranty and it looked as good as the day I installed it when I sold the property a short time ago..."

Certainteed Siding Reviews


"I have been using Crane for many years and can't fault their product, it can offer a great appearance and looks just like cedar. I recommend Crane to all my clients, although I also know there are installers out there who swear by Hardieboard..."

Craneboard Siding Reviews


"I really like this product. It's been on the house for a few years now and looks very nice. I've done some construction in the past and did the install myself. We've had some severe winter storms last season and the Durabuilt stood up to it nicely..."

Durabuilt Siding Reviews


"I am in my eighties and don't want a product that will require constant maintenance. Originally I was going with the Everlast, but it needed caulking to get water tight and my concern was its life span..."

Everlast Siding Reviews


"Gentek is one of my go to brands and I've liked the jobs I used it on (as well as my customers). Every manufacturer offers some limited lifetime warranty on their products and this one is..."

Gentek Siding Reviews

Georgia Pacific

"We're knee deep in researching vinyl siding for our home and have narrowed it down to Gentek and Georgia Pacific. Here in New York lots of people seem to use..."

Georgia Pacific


"The HeartTech is an excellent product with a .044 thickness. It was pretty simple to install and comes in a ton of colors and wood grain finishes. I've owned it now for..."

Opinions On Heartland Siding

James Hardie

"I have always loved Hardi, but unfortunately the cost has been a huge deciding factor for me in the past. Believe me if cost wasn't an issue, I would choose Hardi every time. Once you factor in the repainting every ten to fifteen years..."

James Hardie Siding Reviews


"I bought Kaycan OceanPark, which is a foam backed siding and I was really impressed with how well the salespeople all talked about it and how strong it was. For 2 years it worked great. ..."

Kaycan Siding Reviews


"I've used the Perfection Shingles on maybe 5 jobs in the past few years and I like the more rustic look of it compared to some of the other vinyl shingle options I've used. It's also one of the best priced vinyl shingles..."

KP Reviews

LP Smart Siding

"We used the LP smartside and I don't think it's going to manage our weather, we can go from freezing to boiling hot within days. I am curious if anyone has used this in Northern U.S. and whether it has held up or am I going to be..."

LP Smart Siding Reviews


"When we remodeled our home we chose Mastic wood cladding and I am thrilled with it. We are always being complemented by friends and neighbors and I must admit I agree that it does look better than the wood cladding they have on their own properties..."

Mastic Siding Reviews


"We had MaxiTile staggered shakes installed back in 2009 and its been great. We have had no issues with it and it looks very nice. I was hesitant at first because I'd never heard of it but our builder really liked it and I'm glad we listened to him. Some friends of ours have had issues with their..."

Maxitile Siding Reviews


"I wouldn't hesitate recommending the Mitten to anyone. We wanted a fiber cement product but chose the vinyl and I have never looked back. It is inexpensive, which is always a huge bonus and it hasn't faded..."

Mitten Siding Reviews


"We bought their rough sawn cedar siding and it looks bad after only 5 years. It was supposed to be a forrest green but it's more like lime at this point. My husband and I may just remove it and try and file a warranty claim..."

Nailite Reviews


"I am in love with my Nichiha panels. We have done some painting to the panels since we've had them, painting the "stucco" foundation was the first step which gave them a great appearance. While many believe it is a cheaper than HardieBoard..."

Nichiha Reviews


"We re-sided our house with one of the Norandex products, although I can't recall the exact name, not the most expensive and not the cheapest siding. We went with a nice medium gray color..."

Norandex Reviews


"I have done extensive research on the product. What I found is that the product has been manufactured to the highest quality to reduce any of the issues you would probably experience with PVC. That being said installation is very important..."

NuCedar Siding Reviews

Ply Gem

Ply Gem is a huge company that sells siding, windows, door, stone, roofs, fences, gutters and more. In terms of siding, Ply Gem sells through the handful of companies that they've acquire over the years. IWhile some of these brands may be available in home improvement stores, the bulk of their business is selling to contractors who then sell to the consumer.

Ply Gem Siding Reviews


Read Preservation siding reviews from homeowners and contractors who have purchased or installed this siding and have an educated opinion on the quality, cost and customer service. Do you have a Preservation review to share? Simply click on the add your reviews button and let the world know what you think!

Preservation Reviews


"Overall, I'm very pleased with the Sovereign Select, the boards look good, we feel like the foam backed was a nice way to go and they have a nice variety of colors to choose from. ..."

Revere Siding Reviews


"I think the vinyl products from Royal are top notch, more durable and thicker than Gentek siding, plus they use an extra fold in their nailing strip that adds some security..."

Royal Siding Reviews


"Their Timber Oak has one of the thickest profiles and really bold color options with way more pop than the other brands I was comparing it to. I'm excited..."

Opinions On Variform



Opinions On Vytec


"I've hade our siding on for over 7 years and it's still looking very good. It's a pretty durable product, but I felt there weren't as many color options when I compared it with other manufacturers..."

Wolverine Reviews

Additional Review Topics


"I am looking for any advice on panel shingles. I am in the process of residing my home and really wanted cedar shingles. They look fantastic, but I am concerned that they will require too much maintenance, costing me time and money in the long run. I was told about panel shingles and would appreciate any advice on these..."

Cedar Siding Reviews


"Always remember that installation is just as important, if not more important than the product you choose. I installed over 2,000 square feet of fiber cement boards back in 2006 and within a few months I had major issues with board discoloration..."

Composite Siding Reviews

Fiber Cement

"I must admit I have only been using cement board since the 1990's because it doesn't rot and is so easy to restain. The only downfall is that you find some movement in the board during very high winds, especially if you have a rigid insulation behind..."

Fiber Cement Siding Reviews

Installation Issues

"My neighbor recently had Everlast installed and he's very happy with it, though the installation wasn't the best job. I read through the material where they state that it is mixed ground rock and resin..."

Siding Installation Reviews

Insulated Vinyl

"Many of the manufacturers will include a foam backing to their panels. It's worthwhile spending the extra money to include the rigid foam of around 1 to 2 inches and then install the siding because it will increase your R-Value and last longer..."

Insulated Vinyl Siding Reviews


"While Alside Prodigy is fine and used by many homeowners, it just isn't my first choice when it comes to quality vinyl siding..."

Vinyl Siding Reviews

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