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Norandex Siding Colors

Explore Norandex siding colors and color options on their most popular products, including Sawmill, Town Square, Sterling, Ridgeview, Great Barrier, Sagebrush and Polar Wall Plus! Norandex offers 4 color collections that will all vary in price. Or, more accurately, the Premium, Designer and Blends Collection will add to the per square foot cost of the siding.

The Standard color collection includes white, sandtone, silver, linen, champagne, almond, cream, dune, tan, maple, meadow, high sierra, basket beige, graphite grey, new linen, sunny maize, nutmeg, keystone, twilight, cactus, warm sandalwood, slate blue, topaz, white birch, harbor stone, java, seagrass and soft willow.

The Premium Color Collection includes saddle, sierra, tumbleweed, mocha, hazelnut, granite, cobblestone, olive, khaki, ivy, smoke, granite, fern, wedgewood.

The Designer Color Collection includes steel-blue, russet, firebrick and evergreen.

The Blends Collection includes butternut, cottonwood, cypress, maplewood, moss and red-oak.

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Norandex Sawmill Siding Colors

Description: Sawmill vinyl siding is the entry level product from Norandex that comes in a 4.5" profile that has an optional deep ridge panel. The siding comes in a .040" thichkness and is available in 18 distinct color options.

Norandex Town Square Colors

Description: Town Square vinyl siding incorporates a brushed wood grain and is available in a traditional 4" or 5" panel, as well as a dutch lap 4" or 5" board. The siding comes in a .042" thichkness and is available in 21 color options.

Norandex Sterling Siding Colors

Description: Sterling is the mid range vinyl product that has a hand sawn texture and woodgrain pattern. The Sterling comes in a single 8" with a .048" panel thickness, aouble 4" or 5" clapboard with a .044" panel thickness or a double 5" dutchlap with a .044" panel thickness. The Sterling comes in 16 color options.

Norandex Great Barrier Colors

Description: The Great Barrier vinyl siding is one of the premium products from Norandex and comes in either a double 4" clapboard or a double 5" dutchlap. The boards have a .046" thickness and the siding comes in some 29 distinct color options.

Norandex Polar Wall Plus Colors

Description: The Polar Wall Plus is a foam backed siding with a .046 thickness and was rated 79 out of 100 by Consumer Report siding ratings. The product is available in 20 colors.