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Everlast Siding Costs

Everlast siding costs range from $4.50 to $8 per square foot fully installed. Everlast is a composite polymer cladding that is relatively new to the market and therefore the jury is still out on its overall effectiveness.

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Everlast Polymer Siding

Consumers can expect to pay at the higher end per square foot for this composite panel. This is the cost for the panels themselves, which will typically be purchased by the contractor themselves. Often the contractor charges the customer the same price as the customer could buy it themselves, but they will deliver it and return any of the materials that they don't use on the project. This obviously saves the consumer valuable time and hassle, but remember that the contractor also gets the product at a contractor cost, so they are making a bit of profit on the product itself. To be truthful, it's a pretty good deal for both parties.

Everlast Polymer Cladding Cost

Additional Materials

There are always additional materials costs on any projects. These include items such as housewrap, soffits, trim & fascia pieces, nails, j channels, f channels, starter courses etc. These are difficult costs to calculate because many of them depend on how intricate the homeowner wants the installation and overall look to be.

-- Additional Materials: $1 to $2 psf --

Cost Of Labor

Installation of composite or a foam backed vinyl siding will typically run more than your standard vinyl panels - typically somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5x the cost. So as a ballpark price, $2 to $4, would be the price range to install a composite siding such as Everlast cladding.

-- Installation Cost: $2 to $4 psf --

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Overall Project Cost

The overal price range for siding a home with a composite panel such as the Everlast will run $4.50 to $8 per square foot. This includes the cost of the panels themselves, all additional materials and the cost of the installation. For additional project costs, check out our pricing per square foot page.

-- Overall Project Cost: $4.50 to $8 psf --

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