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Variform Siding Prices

Variform siding prices run $2.75 to $8 fully installed. Explore costs and pricing on their best siding options and lines, including Nottingham, Vortex Extreme, ClimaForce and Heritage Cedar vinyl siding. Variform is part of the Ply Gem group that owns siding companies such as Mastic, Napco and Cellwood Siding.

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Variform Nottingham Siding

The Nottingham is the mid range vinyl siding panel that is available in two profiles, including the double 4" and 4.5" Dutch lap. The overall look is a rough sawn cedar siding.

Variform Nottingham Costs

Variform Victoria Harbor Beaded

Victoria Harbor Beaded is a vinyl siding with a distinctive ridge running horizontal across the 6.5" panel (2 ridges) that provides a classic colonial look and comes in 16 exciting color options.

Variform Victoria Harbor Price

Variform Vortex Extreme

The Vortex Extreme is the premium hurricane vinyl siding from Variform that provides extra strength and durability for homeowners in hurricane prone areas. The Vortex comes in a double 4", 4.5" Dutch lap, double 5", double 4" and 4.5" long length.

Variform Vortex Extreme Cost

Variform ClimaForce Siding

ClimaForce is an insulated siding product from Variform that is available in 4 distinct profiles, including a double 4", a single 7", double 6" and a double 5" Dutch lap. Insulated siding contains a foam backing that helps create a more rigid board for straighter walls and improved R value, which can help with a homes overall energy efficiency.

Variform ClimaForce Pricing

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Heritage Cedar Shingles

The Heritage Cedar shingles are available in perfection, hand split or round cut options. Shingles are always more expensive due to the thickness and durability of the cladding. While expensive to purchase, the installation cost should be quite reasonable because they are easy for a single installer to handle.

Heritage Cedar Shingle Costs

Additional Materials

Additional materials will run approximately $1 to $2 per square foot. Items that are included in this category include things like panel nails, house wrap like a Tyvek, starter boards, f channels and j channels, soffits and trim boards. It is tough to estimate this portion of a project because of how specific it is to the individual project.

-- Additional Material Cost: $1 to $2 psf --

Cost Of Installation

The cost of installation for most vinyl siding lap boards will run $1 to $3 per square foot. Vinyl panels are one of the most affordable siding options in terms of the install price, less expensive than fiber cement prices and composite siding costs. The main reason is that the boards are not particularly heavy and do not require any specialized tools or tricks of the trade that may be necessary with other materials such as stone and brick siding.

-- Cost Of Installation: $1 to $3 psf --

Complete Project Pricing

The completed project pricing should run $2.75 to $8 per square foot fully installed. The biggest cost consideration is always going to be the specific product you select and the project details that you require. One of the best ways to insure a fair price is to get several bids from local contractors and compare the product costs and installation pricing against one another.

-- Project Cost: $2.75 to $8 psf fully installed --

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