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Cellwood Siding Colors Siding Colors

Explore Cellwood siding colors on their most popular products, including the Dimensions, Progressions, Evolutions and the Colonial Beaded vinyl siding options. Cellwood is part of the Ply Gem siding group, which also owns Mitten Siding and Mastic Home Exteriors.

Cellwood offers nearly 30 different colors that range from white and light tans to some very bold color choices such as their Wedgewood and Shadow. They also offer a cedar collection for the Dimensions that includes Chestnut, Juniper, Hickory and Spruce Blue. In addition, their Dimensions Cedar shingles comes in two shaded color options of shaded cedar and shaded gray.

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Cellwood Cedar Dimensions Shingles

Description: Cellwood Cedar Dimensions comes in either a traditional straight shingle or in the round cut option. The round cut is available in 5 color options, while the straight shake siding comes in 17 color samples. Shingles and shakes are always going to be much more expensive than vinyl siding, but offer much more rigidity, strength and durability. The Cedar Dimensions are a vinyl siding that resembles the look and grain of cedar shingles, without the maintenance requirement or the fading issues that cedar undergoes.

Cellwood Dimensions Siding Colors

Description: The Cellwood Dimensions vinyl siding is their premium panel that is rated to stand up to hurricane force winds. The collection is available in two distinct profiles that include a double 4" and the double 4.5" dutch lap. Consumers can choose from 23 exterior siding color options, including 4 cedar options of Chestnut, Juniper, Hickory and Spruce Blue.

Cellwood Progressions Siding Colors

Description: The Cellwood Progressions vinyl siding comes in five distinct profiles, including a double 4", double 5", double 4.5", dutch lap, 5" dutch lap and triple 3". Each of the profiles has different color options, but the double 4" comes in up to 21 exterior colors.

Cellwood Evolutions Siding Colors

Description: The Cellwood Evolutions vinyl siding is the entry level lap siding options that is available in three profiles, including a double 4", double 5", double 4.5" and a double 4.5" dutch lap. The Evolutions comes in 13 color combinations and options.

Cellwood Colonial Beaded Colors

Description: The Cellwood Colonial Beaded vinyl siding is a special type of board that has a raised bead that runs along the horizontal board or panel. The style is distinctive and homeowners often comment that it adds elegance to a home. The Colonial beaded siding comes in a 6.5" board and is available in 8 unique colors. See more beaded siding prices here.

Cellwood Board And Batten Colors

Description: The Cellwood Board And Batten vinyl siding comes in a single 7" vertical board and includes 15 exterior color samples.

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