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Ply Gem Siding Prices

Explore Ply Gem siding prices on many of their most popular lines and products. The company doesn't necessarily manufacture vinyl siding themselves, not exactly anyway.

Instead, Ply Gem owns a number of well known siding companies, including Mastic Home Exteriors, Variform, Napco, Georgia Pacific, TrueWall, Cellwood, Durabuilt and Mitten vinyl siding. Get product reviews and descriptions, as well as suggested vinyl siding pricing per square foot.

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Mastic Brentwood Siding

The Home Exteriors Brentwood is another vinyl cladding with a .040 thickness, 3 distinct profiles and is available in 11 colors. The product has been tested by Consumer Reports and received a rating of 68, which is in the low to mid ratings scale for CR.

Mastic Brentwood Cost

Mastic Structure EPS

The Home Exteriors EPS is an foam backed vinyl siding that has a thickness of .044", is available in 4 different profiles, comes in 16 colors and is one of their most popular styles. The product has been tested by Consumer Reports and received a very good grade of 77 out of 100. It is one of the recommended siding options from CR.

Mastic Structure EPS Prices

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Variform Vortex Extreme

The Vortex Extreme is the premium hurricane siding from Variform that provides extra strength and durability for homeowners in hurricane prone areas. The Vortex comes in a double 4", 4.5" Dutch lap, double 5", double 4" and 4.5" long length.

Variform Vortex Extreme Costs

Variform ClimaForce Siding

ClimaForce is an insulated siding product from Variform that is available in 4 distinct profiles, including a double 4", a single 7", double 6" and a double 5" Dutch lap. Insulated siding contains a foam backing that helps create a more rigid board for straighter walls and improved R value, which can help with a homes overall energy efficiency.

Variform ClimaForce Prices

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Napco American Splendor Siding

The Napco American Splendor is a non foam backed (non insulated vinyl siding) cladding with a .046 thickness and received a 70 out of 100 in Consumer Reports vinyl siding rating chart. This puts it right in the middle of vinyl lap cladding reviewed by Consumer Reports. The product is available in 25 unique colors.

Napco American Splendor Pricing

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Cellwood Dimensions Vinyl Siding

The Cellwood Dimensions vinyl siding is their premium panel that is rated to stand up to hurricane force winds. The collection is available in two distinct profiles that include a double 4" and the double 4.5" dutch lap. Consumers can choose from 23 exterior siding color options, including 4 cedar options of Chestnut, Juniper, Hickory and Spruce Blue.

Cellwood Dimensions Prices

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Mitten Oregon Pride

The Oregon Pride is one of their lower end horizontal siding that has a natural wood grain that comes in 5 distinct profiles and 12 foot panels. It has a 0.40" thickness and comes in 15 color options.

Mitten Oregon Pride Cost

Mitten Grand River Shakes

The Grand River Shakes resemble cedar shake siding and come in a single profile but offer a very sturdy option with a thickness of 0.90. They are just over 8" window and available in 8 colors.

Mitten Grand River Shakes Price

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