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Kaycan Siding Prices

Kaycan siding prices run $3 to $8 fully installed, which covers the Kaycan product, all other materials and the installation and labor. Find pricing on many of their most popular options, including Ocean Park, Richmond, Timberlake, DaVinci, Eagle Rock and more.

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Kaycan Ocean Park Ultra

The Ocean Park Ultra is a foam backed insulated vinyl siding and is .050 in thickness (one of the thickest that Consumer Reports tested). Consumer Reports siding rated it 71 out of 100, which places it solidly in the middle of the pack. There was one product that was very similar in price to the Ocean Park Ultra that received a much higher rating - see our page on ABTCO Siding Prices.

Kaycan Ocean Park Costs

Kaycan Timberlake Vinyl Siding

The Timberlake is one of Kaycan's entry level siding options that comes in a variety of colors.

Kaycan Timberlake Pricing

Kaycan Da Vinci Siding

The Kaycan Da Vinci is an insulated siding that uses a thicker gauge for better impact resistance. The Da Vinci is available in 3 distinct profiles and offer a bold color palette with 10 Kaycan color options.

Kaycan Da Vinci Price

Kaycan Richmond Ultra

Richmond Ultra is Kaycan's premium lap siding that uses a low gloss finish and comes in 8 Kaycan color options.

Kaycan Richmond Costs

Kaycan Eagle Rock Siding

The Eagle Rock is their shake and shingles line and is thicker and sturdier than a traditional lap siding, but also considerably more expensive.

Kaycan Eagle Rock Pricing

Prices For Other Materials

No siding project is complete without a whole host of other materials for the job. These include things such as underlayment sheathing, nails, trim boards, fascia, soffits, outside/inside corner posts, gable vents, etc. On average, these materials will be priced out by your contractor between $1 and $2 per square foot.

-- Additional Materials: $1 to $2 psf --

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Pricing On Installation

Pricing on siding installation will typically fall in the $1 to $3 psf range. Vinyl products are going to be at the lower end and more complex projects (or those in expensive states) will be at the upper end of this scale. Fiber cement prices on labor will be higher than the vinyl panels and stone or brick siding is typically even more expensive than this.

-- Installation Costs: $1 to $3 psf --

Complete Project Pricing

Projects in the low to mid range will price out at $3 to $5, which will cover the Kaycan product, other materials and pricing for the installation and labor. Projects in the mid to high range will price out at $5 to $7 fully installed. So for instance a 2000 square foot siding project will run on average $6,000 to $10,000.

-- Price Range: $3 to $7 psf Installed --

Kaycan Siding Warranty

Kaycan vinyl siding comes with a sidingLimited Lifetime Warranty and covers the boards from defects from blistering, flaking, rotting and peeling under normal and proper use. The company will cover the cost of the siding for as long as the owner owns their home. The warranty is transferrable, however after the owner transfer, the company will only cover a pro-rated amount.

The warranty includes a hail provision that kicks in if the homeowner's insurance does not cover the damage, although the company does not cover any installation or freight costs. There are a number of exclusions and limitations to the warranty and consumers should always read the latest company warranty to make sure the understand exactly what is covered and not covered.

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