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KP Siding Prices

KP siding prices ranges from $3.50 to $7.50 per square foot installed, which includes the total cost of all materials and the siding installation cost of the project.

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KP Hudson Bay Vinyl Siding

The Hudson Bay is the company's entry level product that has a .40" thick panel and is available in 12 color options.

KP Hudson Bay Cost

KP Adirondack Log Siding

The KP Adirondack vinyl log siding recreates the look of real log siding, without the maintenance and cost associated with the material. Log siding is not only very expensive, but also very heavy and labor intensive. The Adirondack panels have a .046" thickness and are available in 4 unique color options.

KP Adirondack Pricing

KP Norman Rockwell Vinyl Siding

KP Norman Rockwell is a vinyl siding that has a .046 thickness and scored 79 (out of a potential 100) from Consumer Reports magazine. This is a very good score for the price and the fact that it is not a foam backed product. This product is available in two profiles and in 22 colors.

KP Norman Rockwell Costs

KP Perfection Shingle Siding

KP Perfection Shingle VSPC is vinyl shingle siding that has a .10 thickness and scored 83 (out of a potential 100) from Consumer Reports magazine. This is the lowest score in the shingle category, although the product is priced significantly lower than its competitors. This product has more of a shake look (rough sawn) than other products in this category. It is available in a single profile and 25 color selections.

KP Perfection Shingles Cost

Cost For Additional Project Materials

The cost for additional project materials will typically fall somewhere in the vicinity of $1 to $2 per square foot. This is going to include materials like tyvec housewrap, the nails for the panels, all of the trim, soffit and fasica boards, corner posts, starter strips and any other decorative bells and whistles.

-- Additional Project Materials: $1 to $2 psf --

Installation & Labor Cost

Installation and labor cost for most vinyl siding projects will range from $1 to $3 per square foot. Whether you pay at the low end or the high end of this price spectrum will depend on where you live, the product you decide to install, how complex or simple the installation itself and the time of year you side or reside your home (May to October is the most expensive time given the high demand).

-- Installation Prices: $1 to $3 psf --

Project Totals

Low to standard pricing will range from $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot, which includes the total cost of all materials and the labor/installation cost of the project. Standard to premium pricing will range from $5.50 to $7.50 per square foot, also fully installed. 2000 square feet of siding will run somewhere between $7,000 and $15,000 fully installed.

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KP Siding Warranty

KP vinyl siding comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers panel defects from blistering, flaking, rotting and peeling under normal use. The company will cover the cost of the siding for as long as the owner owns their home. The warranty is transferrable, however after the owner transfer, the company will only cover 10% of the vinyl siding replacement price from years 14 on from the original date. (10 years after purchase date the company would cover 50% of the replacement cost.)

The siding warranty includes a fading provision against fading more than Delta E 4 Hunter Units. There is also a hail provision that kicks in if the homeowner's insurance does not cover the damage, although the company does not cover any installation or freight costs. There are a number of exclusions and limitations to the warranty and consumers should always read the latest company warranty to make sure the understand exactly what is covered and not covered.

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