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Maxitile Siding Colors

Explore the many Maxitile siding colors and options. There are lots of color options with Maxitile panels and products, which is one of the reasons that many consumers prefer this fiber cement product to a vinyl siding (which cannot be painted or it will typically void the warranty.) In regards to the Maxitile, are a few color options that consumers can choose from.

The first option is to buy the Maxitile panels in a simple plain primed, typically in a white, off white or gray. This allows the consumer to paint the fiber cement panels the color of their choice and/or to allow the contractor to tackle the painting portion of the project. In this case, homeowners can choose from any number of popular paint brands and colors.

The second option is to purchase the Maxitile from a store or distributor who uses professional pre-coaters to paint the panels themselves. They typically use a number of the most popular colors in order to accomodate the largest number of consumer color requests. Stores like Menards do this and offer 13 different Maxitile siding color options. Explore some of the more popular Maxitile, MaxiShingle and MaxiShake colors below.

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MaxiPLANK Siding Colors

Here are some of the more popular MaxiPLANK fiber cement color options. The panels are textured, which is not reflection in these color swatches, so be aware that you will have some shading and shadowing from the faux wood textures, or whatever texture options you select.

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