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Fiber Cement Siding Reviews

Read and discover fiber cement siding reviews from past customers and professional contractors with experience installing this material.

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Quality Certainteed

When I built my home over ten years ago I chose a fiber cement siding and you couldn't tell it apart from the cedar options. In fact it drove my neighbors crazy because they were constantly staining their cedar siding, while mine was basically maintenance free. Installing it wasn't the easiest, I did it as a DIY project and would probably have a professional do the installation if I were to go this route again. The Certainteed fiber cement siding was offered with a fifty year warranty and it looked as good as the day I installed it when I sold the property a short time ago.

Wally - Homeowner - 2020

Not a Fan Of Fiber Cement

I personally am not a fan of fiber cement, though everyone has their own opinion and I know a lot of contractors that will only use this product. I feel that the cement board doesn't cover any wall defects, such as waviness. While it may look great from a distance, up close you can notice the small framing and sheathing issues the contractor may have encountered. Read additional composite cladding reviews.

Bruce - Contractor - 2010

Certainteed vs. Hardie Board

Always remember that installation is just as important, if not more important than the product you choose. I installed over 2,000 square feet of Certainteed fiber cement back in 2006 and within a few months I had major issues, where the board was discolored. A few months after that the joints had shrunk and the panels cupped. The company that installed it confirmed that the boards were installed correctly, but when I got another professional out to have a look, they advised that it was a very poor installation job that had left me in this situation. Now if I had used Hardie Board I don't think I would have experienced these problems, I have used the Hardie product on many occasions with the same installation process and never had a day's problem.

Jonathan - Contractor - 2019

Shrinking Problems

I've seen some pretty bad cases of fiber cement boards shrinking, whether it's MaxiTile or HardieBoard, it doesn't matter. If the boards get wet before they are primed and painted and installed, they are going to swell. If the boards are then installed before they have a chance to dry out they are going to shrink. Any experienced installer isn't going to put on wet fiber cement, this is where paying a bit more for an experienced professional will save you lots of money in the long run.

Ben � Builder � from 2009

Review from Contractor

I must admit I have only been using cement board since the 1990's because it doesn't rot and is so easy to restain. The only downfall is that you find some movement in the board during very high winds, especially if you have a rigid insulation behind.

Drew - Contractor - 2018

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