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Fiber Cement Siding Prices

Fiber cement siding prices range from $5 - $10 per square foot installed. Fiber cement is a very popular type of house siding that is strong and long lasting. It is more expensive than a vinyl due to the weight (and cost) of the panels and the extra cost of labor for the installation. The most popular brands include James Hardie, Certainteed and Nichiha. Find out more on Certainteed siding prices.

-- Cost Range: $5 - $10 psf installed --

Cost For Panels Themselves

The costs below are what consumers can expect to be quoted from contractors on fiber cement panels alone (as opposed to buying it yourself, which can be difficult without a contractor's license). The product is typically sold per board (such as a 9.25 foot board by 9 inches wide), but we list it here per square foot to make it a bit easier to calculate fiber cement cost. The difference in price will depend on the the manufacturer, the type of siding boards you choose and whether they are pre-stained or pre-painted.

-- Primed But Not Painted Panels: $1 to $2 psf --

-- Primed And Pre-Painted At The Factory: $2 to $3 psf --

-- Primed And Painted Onsite By Professional Painter: $3 to $4 psf --

Kaycan Da Vinci Siding

The Kaycan Da Vinci cladding is an insulated siding that uses a thicker gauge for better impact resistance. The Da Vinci is available in 3 distinct profiles and offer a bold color palette with 10 Kaycan color options.

Kaycan Da Vinci Cost

James Hardie Cedarmill

The primed Select Hardie Cedarmill is a fiber cement cladding with a .313 thickness. The product received a 73 out of 100 from Consumer Reports, is available in 19 Hardiplank color samples and was one of their recommended fiber cement products.

James Hardie Prices

Cost Of The Additional Materials

These projects always include additional materials that include things like housewrap, mounting blocks, nails, fascia, trim, soffits and starting courses. More on siding materials cost.

-- Add'l Materials: $1 to $2 psf --

Cost Of Installation

Expect the installation to cost between $2 and $5 psf. This is quite a bit more than vinyl because the job is more difficult and some may argue more dangerous. Fiber cement boards are much heavier and require additional labor to hand and install. They require a spcialized cutting tool and the fiber cement dust is considered dangerous to inhale so this makes the jobs less desirable for some contractors.

-- Installation: $2 to $5 psf --

Complete Project Price

Low to mid range projects will cost somewhere from $4 to $8 psf installed. This per square foot pricing will include the fiber cement board, all add'l materials, as well as the install and labor. Mid to high end projects will cost somewhere from $8 to $11 psf installed. This per square foot pricing will include the fiber cement board, all add'l materials, as well as the install and labor.

-- Price Range: $5 - $10 psf installed --

Maintenance Costs

Fiber cement that is primed but not prepainted at the factory will have to be painted every 15 years. Homeowners have differing opinions on whether this is a positive or a negative. The positive is that you can paint the entire exterior and have it come out looking nice and "new" in one color (as opposed to vinyl which can't be painted so if it fades too badly you have to replace the siding.) The negative is obviously the cost, which for a 2000 square foot house will cost on average $2500 for a professional paint job.

Exterior Paint Job: $2500 every 15 years

Pricing From Actual Customers

Hardie Board: 1300 Square Feet
Price (psf): $3.10
DIY project. Price is for materials only.
Project from 2010.
James Hardie siding prices.

Hardiplank Siding: 2900 Square Feet
Price (psf): $4.75
DIY project. The homeowner had additional costs for specialized tools and hired out the labor on an hourly basis.
Project completed during 2009.

Hardie Board: 2200 Square Feet
Price (psf): $6.81
Includes professional contractor installation.
Project from 2010.

Hardiplank Siding: 2500 Square Feet
Price (psf): $8.80
Includes professional contractor installation.
Project completed during 2011.

Nichiha Cedar Panels
Price: $5.25 per 8.25" panel
Price: $4.25 per 6.25" panel
Cost is for material only.
Location: Tennessee
Project bid is from 2009.
Nichiha siding prices

Hardie Board: 2400 Square Feet
Price (psf): $11.20
Includes contractor installation. The project also included whole house painting, exterior work on shutters, trim, moulding and repair to existing window frames.
Project from 2008.

Nichiha Primed Panels
Price: $4.00 psf
Cost includes product and on site painting (but not installation)
Location: Southwest U.S.
Project bid is from 2008.