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Revere Siding Reviews

Read 2024 Revere siding reviews from homeowners and contractors who have used their products in the past and can provide some insight into the quality and durability.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Revere Sovereign Select Energy Review

We had the Revere Sovereign Select Energy put on our house last year, it had a lot of things going for it. It was insulated, which seems to have helped with the energy costs and probably more important to us, it was affordable - I think we paid $125/square for the panels themselves. It came in long boards, 12' so we have less transition lines across the walls. I did the install myself and didn't find it particularly easy, but it wasn't bad. I had to buy some tools, but I like owning my own tools so that was a nice excuse. Overall, I'm very pleased with the Sovereign Select, the boards look good, we feel like the foam backed was a nice way to go and they have a nice variety of colors to choose from.

Dan - Homeowner - from 2010

Revere Sovereign Select Energy Review

I like the Revere line. They have a nice range of vinyl siding, some for contractors and installers and some that are marketed towards the consumer. They seem like they stand behind the work and the one time I had an issue, they took care of it without making the whole thing a total mess, which I've had happen with [omitted].

Bobby - Contractor - from 2008

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