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Norandex Siding Reviews

Explore 2024 Norandex siding reviews from homeowners and contractors on their most popular products, including Sawmill, Town Square, Sterling, Ridgeview, Great Barrier, Sagebrush and Polar Wall Plus!

Bill - Site Editor

Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Norandex Insulated Vinyl Siding

Hi Bill. Is the Myrtle Norandex siding insulated? Thank You.

Gina - Homeowner - from 2021

Site Editor's Reply

Gina, Norandex sells a number of siding lines, including the Rustic Hill, Home Accents, Polar Wall Plus!, Sagebrush, Great Barrier, The Brushstroke Collection, Cedar Knolls, Sterling, Woodsman Select and Summit Manor. Several of these are insulated, but I don't know of a series called Myrtle.

Bill - Site Editor - from 2021

Norandex Vinyl Siding Review

We re-sided our house with one of the Norandex products, although I can't recall the exact name, not the most expensive and not the cheapest siding. We went with a nice medium gray color and it looks great. We were a bit worried how it would look, but couldn't be happier with the overall look. It has done a good job holding up to the weather, although we have had a few scratches with some debris getting thrown from the lawn mower at some of the bottom boards.

We live in a heavy rainfall area and the siding has been good and sturdy, no cracks or tears. Overall, a very good experience. We went with a local guy who came highly recommended from several neighbors and had installed their siding. He liked the Norandex and Mitten vinyl siding, but they didn't have the same color options that we wanted.

Brennan - Homeowner - from 2013

Norandex Polar Wall Plus Reviews

The Norandex Polar Wall Plus is my go to siding these days. It's the best insulated vinyl siding you can buy in my opinion. I've used the Certainteed foam backed siding and I think the Polar is sturdier. It makes for a flatter wall and easier install. The company even made the panels thicker recently, which is great. Norandex Reynolds is a huge company so they aren't going anywhere, which is always a concern with the smaller siding manufacturers.

Dave - Contractor - from 2012

Norandex Polar Wall Siding Review

The Polar Plus is defintely a great product and quite easy to install. I was worried about doing the installation myself, but it wasn't as tough as I was expecting. The home is quieter with the added insulation to the walls and this was a big question mark for me going into the project. I'd read that foam backed wouldn't make much of a difference, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Edward - Homeowner - from 2011

Norandex Siding Review

I worked for Norandex/Reynolds for many years and have to say that the overwhelming number of screw ups with siding is simply with the installation itself. Manybe 5% of the time there was a bad batch or something wrong with the color process and that is on the manufacturer, 100%. The rest is installer error. I'm not sure there are huge differences in the products (as long as you are comparing the premium vinyl to premium vinyl etc.), although each company always says their siding is the best. There is always going to be debate as to whether fiber cement or vinyl is the way to go. I think the foam backed vinyl is the best option for most consumers and will run just about the same in terms of price.

Jim - Industry Expert - from 2010

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Norandex Steel Siding Review

We installed Norandex steel siding and within 5 years one of the walls is blotchy and fading. It looks horrible. Even with the so called Lifetime Warranty, the company is dragging their feet and told us to just paint the wall. They obviously don't want to pay to replace the steel siding and want $100 to even process the warranty claim. They offered to buy us off with a check for $400, which I'm actually considering because I don't know what else to do. Needless to say I will not be buying anything from this company again. Why even have a warranty if it isn't worth anything?

Ryan - Homeowner - from 2010

Norandex Polar Wall Plus Reviews

I work as a contractor in over the past several years I have pretty much stuck exclusively with insulated vinyl siding. My number one choice is the Reynolds Norandex Polar Wall Plus. It's not cheap but it installs fantastic and the only real issue we've had is with new construction windows in the channels that surround them. We actually have to strip the window out just a bit to make it flush with the siding panel. The Polar Wall boards are an inch and a quarter thick which is awesome for durability but creates that small hick up. If I were a consumer, this is the siding that I would use and feel comfortable that it's gonna last and look very professional.

Don - Installer - 2009