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Siding Installation Reviews

Read 2024 siding installation reviews to find out what homeowners and contractors recommend to get the best project results.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Everlast Siding

My neighbor recently had Everlast siding installed and he's very happy with it, though the installation wasn't the best job. I read through the material where they state that it is mixed ground rock and resin. Just note that you will need to flash the joints. I think installation is the important key to the siding of this product to ensure you don't experience problems at a later stage.

2022 - Terence - Homeowner

NuCedar Shingle Advice

We are about to start building up in the mountains which has a high snow fall each year and I need a shingle that is durable, low maintenance and has low water absorption. Does anyone have experience with the NuCedar siding? I would appreciate any comments or advice.

201=21 - Kim - Homeowner

[Contractor Response]

While I haven't had the opportunity of working with the NuCedar shingles, I have done extensive research on the product. What I found is that the product has been manufactured to the highest quality to reduce any of the issues you would probably experience with PVC. That being said installation is very important as well and the product is also one of the more expensive options to take.

LP Smartside is increasing in popularity, this siding is durable and very popular in the area where I work. It may be a good choice for you to reduce the amount of maintenance you'll need to carry out.

2021 - David - Contractor

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