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Alside Siding Reviews

Read Alside siding reviews from consumers and contractors who have worked with the product before and can provide some incite into the strengths and weaknesses. Get additional pricing on siding here and Alside siding colors as well.

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Great Siding - Problem Installation

While I cannot complain about the Alside vinyl siding itself, it's been the installation where I have had endless problems. I started my vinyl siding project six weeks ago and it's still not finished. I seem to have spent my days on the phone to Sears discussing the problems without any solutions. Since the project began, some of the siding has come loose due to the contractor removing a drip edge and allowing the wind to basically tear the roofing material. In turn, the thermal barrier has gaps and now Sears is blaming the wind and not the work undertaken by their contractor. I have to wonder if this will ever be completed.

2021 - Andrew - Homeowner

Highly Recommended

I can only offer praise about the Alside Conquest vinyl siding which I had installed on my home six years ago. Since then we have had some major storms, including a tornado which caused my home to be battered with debris. Only a few pieces of siding needed replacing. Overall I've had no problems at all and I do expect the siding to last many more years. It looks great, the color hasn't faded at all and it's highly economical. In a few years when I need new siding, I'll definitely be using Alside, its affordable and superior quality and I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone in the market for great siding for their home.

2021 - Jason - Homeowner

Easy to Install - Good Quality

I am a contractor and have extensive experience installing siding on homes in my local area. I have probably done at least ten homes using Prodigy siding. What I love about this option is that it is available in 16' panels, so I use less panels and reduce the seams on the property. The siding itself is very easy to install, looks good and has ample insulation.

2020 - Richard - Contractor

Poor Warranty

Unfortunately, I have had a horrible experience with Alside and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Their warranty department needs some customer service training. After completing the documentation they requested, I received a basic letter in return advising me that I was not covered by the warranty. Trying to speak to someone on the phone is near impossible as the managers seem to spend their days in meetings and anyone you get on the phone, simply says that I should have received a letter. Bad warranty, poor customer service, not recommended.

2020 - Andrea - Homeowner

Alside vs. Alcoa Mastic and Certainteed

As a siding professional I get to see all the lines available for vinyl siding and I must say that Alcoa Mastic and some of the Certainteed products are better than the Alside Prodigy line. While Alside Prodigy is fine and used by many homeowners, it just isn't my first choice when it comes to quality vinyl siding.

2019 - Peter - Siding Professional

Completely Maintenance Free

I had Alside vinyl siding installed on my home over ten years ago and since them I haven't needed to do any maintenance. The one I chose was the wood grain effect, it looks real and blended in with my property perfectly. They also offered an extensive color range and have a number of other accessories available from doors to windows. Overall a great company with a great product.

2018 - Justin - Homeowner

Alside vs Variform

The company I work for does a lot of jobs with Variform siding and they like it quite a bit. I've only hung jobs with Alside Charter Oak panels and thought it was a very good product.

Dale - Installer - 2017

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