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Apex Siding Reviews

Browse Apex siding reviews from homeowners and contractors who have worked with, or purchased, this product.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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An Idea on Prices

We have been shopping around for siding prices for a while now, unfortunately the Hardiboard estimate hasn't arrived yet so I can't compare it to the Apex siding prices that I just received. For 1,900 square feet I was quoted $4.64 per square foot. Labor comes in at $1.43 per square foot. This price includes the corners, both inside and out, the trim, flashing and delivery. The price did have some exclusions that we need to complete our project such as the fascia and the material for the faux beams.

2022 - Harold - Homeowner

Difficult to Install

We were so lucky we were able to use Apex because, according to the carpenter, its' very difficult to install. Apparently Hardiboard is the easiest and probably why it's so popular throughout the country. We went to Abbington where they were installing Apex siding to a property to see how it looked in person and I absolutely love it.

2022 - Candace - Homeowner

A Maintenance Free Solution

I chose Apex because Marvin assisted us with the installation. While I don't have a large home, I am in my eighties and don't want a product that will require constant maintenance. Originally I was going with the Everlast, but it needed caulking to get water tight and my concern was its life span. Apex is the perfect choice, no maintenance and while it may not be as visually appealing as the Everlast it was the best financial solution for us right now.

2012 - Steven - Homeowner

Review from A Contractor

I recently managed to get some samples for the Apex siding and must say my overall impression is very good. I feel it looks good, I got the smooth finished board and I like the corner trims. Unfortunately I haven't managed to see a finished project yet, so can't comment on the overall look once on a property and how it compares to the other options out there, but the profile is good, very similar to the standard hardie plank.

2022 - Brian - Contractor

Useful Pricing Information

We are in the process of siding our home and have chosen the clay color Apex siding. I have done a lot of research on all the sidings we have looked at, some of the interesting things I learned include the fact that NuCedar is a popular choice, but you need to use a different trim with it, due to the fact it expands and contracts. Unfortunately it didn't work with my trim, but made from PVC it will probably last many years.

Hardieboard is a very popular choice installed in millions of properties throughout the country. What I did learn though is that hardiboard is prone to water absorption and shouldn't be used in wet or colder areas, where the snow is likely to settle on the board.

The reason I eventually went with Apex siding is because its fiberglass, this means that it will not absorb water and it won't expand or contract. This was overall a sound choice for us and affordable in the long run.

The prices are also dramatic between the three with Hardiboard coming it at around $240 per square meter, NuCedar was much more expensive at between $400 and $450 per square meter and Apex was in the middle at $400 a square meter.

2013 - Tracy - Homeowner

Apex Siding on 100+ Year Boston Home

I am in the process of siding our 100+ year old home in the Boston area. Due to the age of the property I did a lot of research and ordered in plenty of samples to ensure the siding I chose matched our home perfectly. We were going to go with the Everlast composite siding, but I found it shone in the light and wasn't the look I was hoping to achieve. I then found Apex siding online, but unfortunately they're not in my local area. The company was exceptionally helpful and introduced me to the New England Manager who advised they were in the process of siding a building in Abbington if I wanted to see the siding in person and on a property. We took a day trip and went down to see the property and siding and I was so impressed, it resembled clapboard siding, in fact you probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart. I have managed to secure the same contractor that was installing on the Abbington property and am waiting for the project to commence.

2023 - Debbie - Homeowner

Perfect for Modern Homes

Apex is the Marvin fiberglass siding and I was keep on using this product because of the rain plane that they provide. Unfortunately though I don't think it will suit my Cape Cod styled cottage, I notice all the information I have found show modern homes. Another downside for me is that the siding is only available in really bold colors which will not blend in with the overall design of my property, which is unfortunate as it seems a really good product.

2023 - Jackson - Homeowner

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