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Certainteed Siding Reviews

Read 15 Certainteed siding reviews from siding professionals and homeowners who have used their product and can provide incite for other consumers. Get estimates for your siding projects here.

Bill - Site Editor

Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Cedar Impressions Shingles Advice

I really appreciate the input. Now that I've looked into replacing windows (last time was 20 yrs or so ago) I'm shocked at how many flyby night companies there are... I do have another question that involves siding , not windows.

As mentioned I live right on the ocean on cape cod and we get terrific winds and rain. I'm thinking about using the Certain teed brand of vinyl siding called Cedar Impressions. Not sure if you have any expertise in this area but is this a good choice. I'm replacing 30-40 yr old white cedar. May use pre dipped white cedar again but is more expensive by about 20+ percent.

I can't thank you enough for the help.

Alan - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Alan, in my opinion CertainTeed makes a quality vinyl siding. From what I know, they make a good quality product. Installation is very important. I would definitely go with the vinyl siding shingles over a treated wood shingle siding. A good quality vinyl siding shingle will still look good after 15, 20 years. I'm not sure I can say the same for the real thing.

Brandon - Site Editor - from 2021

Certainteed Cedar Impressions Rustic Blend

Back in 2011 my wife and I took on a major renovation to our existing home. After careful consideration and comparison between Hadiplank and Vinyl we decide to go with the CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Rustic Blend. Since its installation we are seeing the paint come off for several reasons. Where are sprinkler system is hitting the siding the paint is washing away.

Any type of bird droppings, etc that stay on the house foe an extended period of time and is washed off it takes the paint off. I even had an incident where our house was egged and immediately washed it off with no soaps or cleaners and a soft rag but the paint still came off. The house is never power washed for fear of removing the paint. The product since then has been discontinued for poor sales and other reasons Was hoping to find anyone with a similar problem. I will be contacting their warranty division tomorrow.

Nick - Homeowner - 2021

Certainteed Recommended

I've had plain vinyl siding on my previous home and wasn't impressed. The installation was a nightmare and overall experience was poor. This home we used Certainteed Impressions. Our home is a ranch styled home with basement, I've had so many complements on the siding and it wasn't overly expensive either. Think it cost around $5,000 as an upgrade for 5,200 square foot. The Smartside was way too shiny and looked out of place on our property.

Andrea - Homeowner - 2021

Certainteed Impressions Reviews

Smart Siding was recommended to usby our builder who had seen it at a builders show. I have seen many properties with this siding and must say I was impressed by it, except that they didn't have the color I wanted. I then chose the Certainteed Impressions and am thrilled with the finished product.

Jennifer - Homeowner - 2020

Carolina Beaded Siding Reviews

My Certainteed Carolina Beaded siding was installed only last week and I am thrilled. Originally I was going with the Hardie, but due to cost ended up choosing the Certainteed and I am not at all sorry. The contractors commented on how easy it was to install and everyone that has seen our home has complemented it. I went with the granite gray color and can only recommend this product to anyone looking for quality siding. More on beaded siding prices.

Belinda - Homeowner - 2020

CertainTeed Cedar Impression Reviews

We were debating between Certainteed Cedar Impressions and Georgia Pacific Cedar Spectrum. I checked Consumer Reports on siding products and the Impressions got a good score (the Georgia Pacific Spectrum wasn't included so I couldn't compare them), but I'm not quite sure how reliable CR is. The Cedar Spectrum is maybe $50 per square cheaper, but the Impressions has a slightly more realistic wood grain look to it and has deeper grooves and a heavier feel to it. We ended up going with the Cedar Spectrum, mainly because of the price difference, which adds up for 20 squares of material. It's now been up on the house for a few years and looks good. We have gotten looks of compliments on the unique look, which definitely looks different than natural cedar cladding.

Dan - Homeowner - 2019

Great Quality

When I built my home over ten years ago I chose a fiber cement siding and you couldn't tell it apart from the cedar options. In fact it drove my neighbors crazy because they were constantly staining their cedar siding, while mine was basically maintenance free. Installing it wasn't the easiest, I did it as a DIY project and would probably have a professional do the installation if I were to go this route again. The Certainteed fiber cement siding was offered with a fifty year warranty and it looked as good as the day I installed it when I sold the property a short time ago.

Wally - Homeowner - 2010

Certainteed and James Hardie

I was recommended the James Hardie product by my contractors rather than the Certainteed, only I was told the Certainteed could be brittle. My contractors use coal ash and according to a report on 60 Minutes, coal ash can have problematic effects, because it's not a regulated product I have been unable to confirm this. The metals in the coal ash is apparently unhealthy. When looking at the Certainteed and John Hardie it's good to know that they are more environmentally friendly than other vinyl options. So if you want to be environmentally friendly then these sidings would be the perfect choice.

Hazel - Homeowner - 2018

Certainteed vs Hardie

I would recommend that should your builder not be comfortable with Hardie, you should look at the CertainTeed fiber cement options. I have been very lucky with my hardie plant, it is still in excellent condition without any peeling. After some research I did find that many people do experience problems with hardie peeling, possibly due to a poor primer being used as the problems arose when the boards were primed onsite.

David - Homeowner - 2010

Certainteed vs Hardie

I have two recommendations for consumers, the first of which is the Certainteed Monogram panel and I would recommend that they have their installer use a three eights inch green guard underneath the panel for added protection. The other recommendation is the Cedar impressions, again from Certainteed, which are a fantastic vinyl shingle that comes in maybe 10 different styles and options, anything from the straight edge to the staggered to the half round. The impressions are not going to be cheap but for my money, they are the nicest looking at most durable shingle on the market.

Billy - Contractor - 2011

Certainteed Monogram Siding

I have installed lots of Certainteed siding I have to say that the monogram is one of the best looking vinyl siding on the market, after that I would go with their mainstreet series. Outside of Certain Teed, I also like the top end or premium board from Alside Siding, although I'm not able to remember what it's called right now.

Ned - Installer - 2011

Poor Quality Vinyl

When we moved into our new home a few years ago we chosen Certainteed vinyl siding, it was the lower grade option. Believe me when I say you get what you pay for. The first storm after the house was sided left dents everywhere from the hail stones. I would suggest you pay a little more and get a better quality siding. The only advantage was the choice of colors and profiles that were offered when we bought it. I will not use Certainteed again and will definitely go with a better quality siding in the future.

Reggie - Homeowner - 2009

Leanings Towards Certainteed

I am looking for some information on Certainteed fiber cement siding and Hardiboard. Basically if anyone has received quotes on both and whether they have chosen the factory painted options or have primed them onsite.

The reason for my question is that my builder is trying to push me to use the hardiboard, which he is more comfortable with, but I really like the Certainteed and find their 25 year warranty rather appealing. My decision will probably be based on price, but if there isn't much of a difference I may try and sway my builder to use the Certainteed instead.

2009 - Ashley - Homeowner

{Homeowner Response]

Whether you go with Certainteed or Hardiboard, you'll find price wise you'll be better off if you choose the factory painted option. This way you won't be paying for labor onsite to prime the boards.

As for pricing, our estimate was confusing as the builder didn't break it down for us. They quoted for Certainteed as the house siding, which was not ideal because Hardie had a color I really liked. I presumed because they quoted for Certainteed that is what I had to use, but I found out later that that wasn't the case and they didn't quote per manufacturer, but rather on the job itself, as the prices were all so similar, so I could still use the Hardiboard color I had in mind. Not sure if this answers your question, this was just my own experience. So if you prefer Certainteed, you may find your builder has just offered one quote as mine did on my siding job.

2009 - Bruce - Homeowner

Certainteed v Alside

As a siding professional I get to see all the lines available for vinyl siding and I must say that Alcoa Mastic and some of the Certainteed products are better than the Alside Prodigy line. While Alside Prodigy is fine and used by many homeowners, it just isn't my first choice when it comes to vinyl siding.

Peter - Siding Professional - 2009

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