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Mitten Siding Reviews

Read 2024 Mitten siding reviews from homeowners and professional installers who have worked with this product before and can provide insight into the customer service etc. Click to view Mitten siding color options.

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Mitten Fiber Cement

I wouldn't hesitate recommending the Mitten vinyl siding to anyone. We wanted cement fiber but chose the vinyl and I have never looked back. It is inexpensive, which is always a huge bonus and it hasn't faded even though it is in the direct sunlight for months on end. What I love about this siding is it is almost completely maintenance free. I would buy Mitten vinyl siding again for another home should I ever have to make that decision again.

2009 - Robert - Homeowner

Good for a DIY Project

I made the decision to complete my siding project as a DIY project, so I chose vinyl. I must admit it was much easier than anticipated and I didn't need to spend a fortune on tools. It's durable and looks fantastic, I must say I am quite impressed with the final product. We did notice one small problem during the installation process and that is that the siding does become quite brittle and difficult to cut in colder weather, but overall I would definitely buy this product again.

2009 - Cyril - Homeowner

Faded After Two Years

I was thrilled with our Mitten siding when it was first installed, but it had faded so much after two years it completely ruined the look of our home. While Mitten was really excellent and offered a replacement, it was a hassle that I wasn't expecting to have to deal with so soon after having it installed.

2010 - Joanne - Homeowner

Great Product

We had the Mitten vinyl siding installed on our property about a year ago and all I can say is that it is perfect. The cream color option was ideal for our property and I love the fact you cannot see the seams. When it comes to cleaning, it's quick and easy that we are now thinking of using the Mitten siding for our new sunroom extension.

2011 - Hilary - Homeowner

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