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MaxiTile Siding Reviews

MaxiTile siding reviews and discover what consumers and installers have to say about this fiber cement siding product.

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MaxiTILE Shake Siding

We had MaxiTile staggered shake siding installed back in 2009 and its been great. We have had no issues with it and it looks very nice. I was hesitant at first because I'd never heard of it, but our builder really liked it and I'm glad we listened to him. Some friends of ours have had issues with their panels shrinking, I'm not sure which brand they have, but nothing so far, knock on wood.

Eric - Consumer in Idaho - from 2012

MaxiTile Smart Siding

Lately, I was doing some work on homes that have MaxiTile Smart Siding and I have to say the stuff looks great after like 15 years from the date of the install. The panels were in good shape and there wasn't any shrinking or warped boards. I'll probably have to start recommending this to some of my customers in the future. However, I would like to see a few more jobs with the MaxiPANELs before I start using it as my go fiber cement.

Max - Contractor in Texas - from 2011

Maxitile Shrinking Problems

I had read good reviews on this fiber cement on several websites and ended up finding one of their recommended installers and within a couple of months we noticed some of the boards had shrunk. I started calling the company to complain about the problem, but they just shuffled me around to their different departments hoping I'd give up. To be honest, I just wanted to replace it, I wasn't even demanding my money back, which I probably deserve. It took over a year for us to come to some sort of agreement, which ended up costing me nearly $6000. We paid to replace all of the siding ourselves. Pretty much a nightmare experience.

Steve - Consumer - from 2010

Contractor Response

I've seen some pretty bad cases of fiber cement boards shrinking, whether it's MaxiTile or HardieBoard, it doesn't matter. If the boards get wet before they are primed and painted and installed, they are going to swell. If the boards are then installed before they have a chance to dry out they are going to shrink. Any experienced installer isn't going to put on wet fiber cement, this is where paying a bit more for an experienced professional will save you lots of money in the long run.

Ben - Builder - from 2009

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