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NichiBoard Siding Review

I am in love with my Nichiha panels. We have done some painting to the panels since we've had them, painting the "stucco" foundation was the first step which gave them a great appearance. While many believe it is a cheaper option than Hardie, I must say that I didn't care about the price and chose what I was happy with. We only paid $265 per square of pre-stained and I believe that the primed is priced around $190 per square.

2008 - Janice a Homeowner

Sierra Premium Smooth Review

Originally I was going with the Hardie plank because it's so popular here in Virginia, but at the time I hadn't done my homework and didn't know about all the great siding options available. After doing some research we actually chose the Nichiha, it was thicker and blended in well with our Dutch Colonial design. The Nichiha panels are durable and smoother than the Hardie. Overall we are thrilled with our choice and I am glad we chose the Nichiha rather than the Hardie in the end.

2008 - Geoff a Homeowner

Nichiha vs. James Hardie

I would personally choose Nichiha over James Hardie any day. Hardie have such a bad name, originally an Australian company, they have been fighting lawsuits for years due to the asbestos siding they used to provide years ago. Today Hardie offer a fiber cement option, but overall I would recommend the Nichiha siding instead.

2010 - Tony a Homeowner

Nichiha Sierra Premium Smooth Review

I was so disappointed when we ordered our premium shingle panels for our home last fall. We ordered the pre-stained options from Nichiha and Nichiha decided on the last minute that they wouldn't sell the product to us as they were holding onto the remaining stock for color matching in the future. We were so disappointed as our hearts were set on those panels.

I believe Nichiha doesn't stain their Sierra Premium Panels anymore and you have to do the staining yourself through Caroline Colortones. Actually this company is really good and do some fantastic custom colors if you have a specific color in mind. Of course it works out more expensive as you may have guessed.

I managed to source the Nichiha lap siding at a great price and in a color we wanted and I managed to get enough to do the entire house and barn, which was fantastic. I still believe that Nichiha has the best prestained shingle panels, they are sturdy and durable. But after the experience we had we went with Cedar panels and if you can afford to pay for Nichiha you may as well pay for the real thing and have your home exactly as you want it.

2011 - Belinda a Homeowner

Very Impressed

When we sided our home I used the Nichiha shingle on the central part of the house and a mixture of Nichiha and Hardie on the rest. I must say I am impressed with the Nichiha shingles and wish I had used them throughout the property. They are larger than the Hardie shingles, easier to install and if I am not wrong, they were slightly cheaper as well.

2012 - Dominic a Homeowner

Nichiha vs. Certainteed

I recently got a quote from a building supply store in our local area for fifty six squares of Nichiha siding. The quote came in at $400 / square, a total of $22,400, where the Certainteed was $3,850 primed. Our builder claims that $6,500 of the budget is for painting, which means the Certainteed quote is actually $10,450. I am going to phone around and find some other prices before making a final decision.

2013 - Barry a Homeowner

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