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Variform Siding Reviews

Read Variform siding reviews from consumers and local contractors on the quality of their products and how they stack up to the competition.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Variform vs. Royal

I'm going with a Dutch Lap siding on my house since I like the look of it so much better than the plain panels. I'm stuck between two products and my contractor doesn't have much of an opinion either way, either the Royal Crest or the equivalent Variform. Each provides a couple of options in terms of thickness, I'm looking to get a thick panel, although my contractor says that going too thick makes it tough to get smooth seams.

Gene - Consumer - 2010

Contractor Response

I'm not a fan of the way Royal siding looks in general. I think the quality is there, but not the aesthetics. Their low end board the Royal Crest is low quality and I'll bet it's what many of the local installers are putting up on homes. The Royal Woodland insulated siding is a quality product, but again I'm not a big fan of how it looks.

Wayne - Contractor - 2010

Weird White Spots On Panels

We had Variform siding for 12 months and the boards all started getting these white spots on them. They were really unsightly and the contractor couldn't tell me what they were so I went directly to the company itself. After some effort, they sent someone out who basically had no idea what it was. They told me that the problem wasn't covered under the warranty so I'm basically SOL. I highly recommended going with something other than Variform vinyl siding.

Julie - Homeowner - 2010

Variform Timber Oak Review

I've used Variform Timber Oak on two projects and personally don't think the panels are as good as a comparable Certainteed or Mastic siding. They have just become part of Ply Gem so maybe that changes things, but I can't really speculate. I always advice customers to see the products they are deciding between side-by-side to really look at the thickness and color and overall quality before making a decision that they have to live with for hopefully a lot of years.

Manny - Contractor - 2010

Timber Oak Review Take 2

I'm building a home using the Variform Timber Oak vinyl siding, which is one of the thickest profiles on the market. I believe it is .048. One of the reasons I decided to use them was their color selection, which I really like - bold color options with way more pop than the other brands I was comparing it to.

Jim - Builder - 2009

Good Products

Variform makes good products, I've never heard anything bad from other professionals. One contractor that I know used to use their siding almost exclusively, but then the improvement store shut its doors and he had to find another go to brand. They were recently bought by Ply Gem, who now owns Napco and Mastic - the net result is that all of these brands will be made from the same factory and this will increase the consistency in the panels. Variform's Preferred panels are really high quality.

Kenny - Contractor - from 2008

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Variform vs Alside

The company I work for does a lot of jobs with Variform and they like it quite a bit. I've only hung jobs with Alside Charter Oak panels and thought it was a very good product.

Dale - Installer - 2007