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Ply Gem Siding Reviews

Read 6 Ply Gem siding reviews from homeowners and contractors on their most popular brands and models of vinyl siding, fiber cement and more.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Editors Ply Gem Siding Review

Ply Gem is a huge company that sells siding, windows, doors, stone, roofing, fences, gutters and more. In terms of siding, Ply Gem sells through the handful of companies that they've acquire over the years. It's a pretty long list that includes Cellwood, Durabuilt, Georgia Pacific, Mastic, Mitten, Napco, and TrueWall. So when you go to each individual website, it will say, for instance, Mastic Viny Siding by Ply Gem. While some of these brands may be available in home improvement stores, the bulk of their business is selling to contractors who then sell to the consumer. Of the brands they own, Mastic and Mitten probably have the most respected names in the business.

The good thing about buying from a large company (or using a contractor who buys through them) is that the warranty they offer is often better than if you go with a smaller siding manufacturer. As well, there is almost no chance of Ply Gem going out of business (the only issue for consumers is if the corporation folded one of the brands, but this seems unlikely). This isn't to say that bigger is better, but there are some definite advantages. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to find a good contractor who has worked with the company in the past and knows how to deal with them if problems do arise.

Durabuilt Siding Review

We ordered Durabuilt vinyl siding last year and so far I'm pleased with the siding quality. There have no problems with the materials themselves, but I can't say the same for their customer service. The shipment of panels was late and each time I called they said it was en route, but it took way too long. Eventually it arrived, but it took awhile.

Drew - Consumer - from 2012

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Cellwood Siding Review

We recently installed a Cellwood siding and I have to say I'm pleased, but it hasn't been on long so maybe I should hold my applause for awhile. We didn't have any issues with the install and I actually did it as a DIY project and was a bit hesitant about the whole thing. No major problems, a few hiccups during the installation, but I expected that. The boards seem strong, we used the Cellwood vertical siding, board and batten, which I think gives the home a unique look (compared with most that use horizontal panels). So far we have have been through a winter that was mild, but we had one or two big storms and the siding held up well. I've already recommended it to a neighbor down the street so I'll be eating crow if he hates it. But so far, so good!

Daniel - Homeowner - 2013

Variform vs Mastic

I've used Variform Timber Oak siding on two projects and personally don't think the panels are as good as a comparable Certainteed or Mastic siding. They have just become part of Ply Gem so maybe that changes things, but I can't really speculate. I always advice customers to see the products they are deciding between side-by-side to really look at the thickness and color and overall quality before making a decision that they have to live with for hopefully a lot of years.

Manny - Contractor - 2010

Georgia Pacific Siding Review

We were debating between Certainteed Impressions and GP Cedar Spectrum. I checked Consumer Reports siding products and the Impressions got a good score (the Georgia Pacific Spectrum wasn't included so I couldn't compare them), but I'm not quite sure how reliable CR is. The Cedar Spectrum is maybe $50 per square cheaper, but the Certainteed Impressions has a slightly more realistic wood grain look to it and has deeper grooves and a heavier feel to it. We ended up going with the Cedar Spectrum, mainly because of the price difference, which adds up for 20 squares of material. It's now been up on the house for a few years and looks good. We have gotten looks of compliments on the unique look, which definitely looks different than natura; cedar siding.

Dan - Homeowner - 2010

Mitten Siding Review

I made the decision to complete my siding project as a DIY project, so I chose a Mitten vinyl cladding. I must admit it was much easier than anticipated and I didn't need to spend a fortune on tools. It's durable and looks fantastic, I must say I am quite impressed with the final product. We did notice one small problem during the installation process and that is that the siding does become quite brittle and difficult to cut in colder weather, but overall I would definitely buy this product again.

Cyril - Homeowner - 2009

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