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LP Smart Siding Reviews

Read 2024 LP Smartside reviews from homeowners and installers who have used this product before and know both the pros and cons of the company and their products. Click to see pricing via our vinyl siding calculator.

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LP Smartside vs. Hardie

I am impressed with the LP Smartside siding and think it actually looks nicer than the Hardi board. What I always suggest to my customers when it comes to siding is stick to what your neighbors are using. If you are thinking of Hardi, take a look at the LP Smartside which is easier to install and is slightly more affordable.

2012 - Ian - Contractor

LP Smart Siding vs Harie Board

I am about to side my home in Northern Minnesota and my contractor has discussed both the Hardi and Smartside choices with me. Apparently in my area most people are using the LP Smartside and I really like the cement board siding. The problem is that I've been seem some of the problems people have experienced with Hardie, especially when it comes to moisture problems. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the LP Smartside siding. My contractor has advised that it is a cheaper option and there is a cedar shake option available for my gables, but I am still not one hundred percent confident.

2012 - Steven - Homeowner

[Contractor Response]

I have done a lot of LP installations and can ensure you that it's not only a really good product, but they also offer you a decent warranty, which may give you the peace of mind you need. Bear in mind that your contractor will still need to caulk the LP Smartside siding. The moisture problems you have stated may be caused by the levels in the walls and not in the actual covering itself, which is a very common problem in your area.

2012 - Benjamin - Contractor

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LP Smartside Warranty

I've been working with the Smartside products for a number of years now and the warranty can be a little misleading. Basically all the Smartside products do come with some form of warranty, usually this is a basic substrate warranty. But the LP product offers a five year warranty on their pre-finished products. The problem comes in when it's time to claim you'll find that they will only pay for one single coat of paint and their ceiling limit is double the material cost of the paneling itself. In some cases they do actually provide you with a pre-finished panel which you then need to have installed at your own cost.

If you take a look at the literature provided originally with these products it claimed that you needed to paint the siding every three to five years. This has been changed to paint when needed in order to enjoy your warranty. I guess the reason they have done this is that your risk of rot is reduced with regular painting. Also LP claim that all wood is subject to some form of climate change and therefore any swelling will be omitted from the warranty.

2012 - Brian - Contractor

Smartside vs. Budget Vinyl Options

In my opinion all vinyl siding looks cheap especially if you choose all the vinyl trimmings as well. Alto does a decent job, but overall most people spend some money and go with Hardi. Now we all know that Hardi is very expensive, but LP Smartside is a good choice, it's more affordable and can look really good.

2012 - Eric a Homeowner

LP Smartside Advice

I am busy siding my home and the quote just came in on the LP Smartside. I am impressed that it is only about $10 more than the vinyl per foot, but I am wondering if there is something I am missing, is there anything I should know about?

The LP Smartside I've been offered comes with a 15 and 5 year warranty and I presume it's an improved version of the glued wood chips, which I don't mind because I know the LVL was glued wood chips and that was a really strong product.

2011 - Paul - Homeowner

[Homeowner Response]

I am also busy with a siding product and have never like the vinyl options, even though I know that they are constantly improving and have become exceptionally popular throughout the country. My problem is I am torn three ways between the LP Smarside, NuCedar and fiber cement options. What I am doing and you may want to do the same is getting in some samples of the siding I am interested in, this way I can see and touch them for myself. I do know that the NuCedar is probably going to work out expensive, so I am leaning more towards the Smartside options at the moment.

My contractor has assured me that Smartside is low maintenance and affordable to install. Most of the contractors I have spoken to in recent weeks suggest the Smartside rather than the fiber cement. I am not sure this all helps you with your own decision, if I were you I would get in some samples and then make your final decision.

2011 - Daniel - Homeowner

LP Smartside vs NuCedar

While I haven't had the opportunity of working with the NuCedar shingles, I have done extensive research on the product. What I found is that the product has been manufactured to the highest quality to reduce any of the issues you would probably experience with PVC. That being said installation is very important as well and the product is also one of the more expensive options to take.

LP Smartside is increasing in popularity, this siding is durable and very popular in the area where I work. It may be a good choice for you to reduce the amount of maintenance you'll need to carry out.

2011 - David - Contractor

Smart Siding or NuCedar

I am torn between two quotes that I have for siding my home. My choices are the Smartside and NuCedar. What is putting me off the NuCedar is that there isn't much supporting information on the product, which is a concern. I am now waiting for samples of both before making my final decision, but tend to be swaying towards the Smartside at the moment.

2010 - Dennis - Homeowner

LP Smartside vs Hardiplank Cost

I don't like wasting money so when we built our home some time back I looked into the LP Smartside and Hardiplank to side my property. What I did was soak the boards in water for around nine months before the siding took place. You may think I'm crazy, but I put them to the test, freezing and thawing them and then soaking them again. I did try to light the Smartside alight when it dried out and it didn't burn, which was a plus for them.

The Smartside did get some cracks and got a little mushy, which is to be expected after what I put it through. In the end I chose the Hardiplank, while this siding did get mushy, I felt it was a stronger product that could withstand our weather conditions.

2009 - Philip - Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

While I complement your experimental way of coming to a decision on your siding, you may find it interesting that Smartside panels are zinc borate wafer board that have a resin face and many coats of sealer. It does need painting, at least every three to five years, but at the same time it is very rigid. For those who are looking for an affordable option and that will keep up the maintenance required, Smartside is a fantastic option.

2009 - Chris - Contractor

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