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Wolverine Siding Reviews

Read 2024 Wolverine siding reviews from contractors, homeowners and industry experts who have used the product in the past and can provide a knowledgable opinion. For more information on these products, see our Wolverine siding colors and Wolverine cost page.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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American Legend Consumer Reports

The Wolverine American Legend was part of the 2014 Consumer Reports siding reviews. They gave the American Legend from Wolerine a score of 58, which is the third lowest score of any of the vinyl siding options. To be fair, the cost of the American Legend was considerably lower than many of the highest rate siding options. It received an "excellent" in terms of fading, a "good" in terms of warm impacts and wind and a "very good" in terms of rigidity.

Consumer Reports - from 2014

Homeowner Recommendation

I've hade our siding on for over 7 years and it's still looking very good. It's a pretty durable product, but I felt there was a lack of colors when I compared it with other manufacturers. Now that it's part of CertainTeed products there are more color options out there. We did have some damaged boards during a big storm, which I felt was understandable. I think I'd recommend it to others who are looking around, especially because of the cost - it was very affordable, under $1 per square foot. I would say overall that it was a pretty darn good value for the money.

Jonathon - Homeowner - from 2012

Contractor Complaint

Lately somethings going on with Certainteed siding; its like a tale of two cities, where the distributors are getting the good panels and the lumberyards and big box stores are getting the batches from Ashland Davis and Wolverine; the two companies that CertainTeed acquired. I just don't think the boards made by AD and Wolverline are the same quality, they are made on different machines. I even have my supicions that they're putting "American Legend" into their Mainstreet boxes because the textures and colors are so close to each other. We've seen a lot of issues with the American Legend. If you do have a problem, CertainTeed is not jumping up and down to fix the problem; my last claim took a year before I got any resolution from it and I had everything documented and dialed in.

Robin - Contractor - from 2011

Contractor Response

That's funny that you don't like the Wolverine, because I've always had really good quality boards from them. I don't use them anymore, but only because my supplier change brands so it's easier to make the change as well.

Tom - Contractor - from 2011

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Wolverine American Legend

I live here in Michigan and one of the more popular siding options is the American Legend by Wolverine. I want to say I paid about $60 per square or somewhere around there. The boards hang very rigid and as long as you nailed them in right, I feel like you will get very few waviness along the walls. This also means that the sheathing beneath and the prep work must be done properly and thoroughly. I think with most vinyl siding it's almost less about who makes the board and more that the installation is done right.

Robbie - Contractor - 2010