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Royal Siding Reviews

Read Royal siding reviews from homeowners and contractors who gives their opinions on the appearance, quality and customer service of this vinyl siding manufacturer.

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Royal Siding IronStone

Hi -- I need to replace some panels, and found the code RTO4217044209 IronStone on one of them. Google has led me to you. Can you help identify the actual brand/model? Any help would be most appreciated.

Dave - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

To the best of my knowledge, this is a Royal Siding product. I'm not sure if they make this anymore, but if you can contact a local Royal siding rep, they would certainly be able to answer this for you.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Royal Siding Is A Quality Product

I think the vinyl siding from Royal is top notch, more durable and thicker than Gentek siding, plus they use an extra fold in their nailing strip that adds some security.

Ethan - Contractor - from 2010

Royal vs. Variform

I'm going with a dutch lap siding on my house since I like the look of it so much better than the plain panels. I'm stuck between two products and my contractor doesn't have much of an opinion either way, either the Royal Crest or the equivalent Variform siding. Each provides a couple of options in terms of thickness, I'm looking to get a thick panel, although my contractor says that going too thick makes it tough to get smooth seams.

Gene - Consumer - 2010

Contractor Response

I'm not a fan of the way Royal siding looks in general. I think the quality is there, but not the aesthetics. Their low end board the Royal Crest is low quality and I'll bet it's what many of the local installers are putting up on homes. The Royal Woodland is a vinyl insulated siding and is a quality product, but again I'm not a big fan of how it looks.

Wayne - Contractor - 2010

Royal Siding Price Quote

My contractor quoted me a price of $400 per square fully installed for Royal Crest with a .040 mil thickness, which doesn't include installing the soffits. He charges $560 per square on aluminum siding. What I'm wondering is whether I should go with a better quality siding for a bit more money. Insurance is paying for the project and they gave an estimate for aluminum of $356 per square - however they did accept the $560 per square estimate when I submitted it to them.

Jena - Consumer - from 2005

Contractor Response

Unless the vinyl siding is foam backed, I think the bid sounds a bit high, however insurance repairs are often bid out higher because the contractor doesn't want to find surprises down the road and have to keep some costs. Normally, if any issues come up the contractor can discuss it with the homeowner and adjust the project bid accordingly. There are a lot of little factors that can either add to or lower a bid, wrapping windows and doors, tyvec wrap, tear off and disposal fee, trim and soffits so it's tough to say whether the bid price is high or not.

Sam - Contractor - 2005

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