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NuCedar Siding Reviews

Read 2024 NuCedar siding reviews to find out about the product quality from knowledgeable contractors and homeowners. Explore more on this company with our pages on NuCedar siding costs, as well as NuCedar colors.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Thumbs Up For Channel Rustic

I've done our home in Nucedar using the Channel Rustic vertical siding in the cedar finish. This is great siding and yes there is the expansion contraction issue. We live in the Hudson Valley where temps go from -10F in winter to 100F in summer. The siding comes in 16' lengths so longer runs require two pieces which can be glue together with pvc cement. Once so glued the two pieces expand and contract as one. This movement is only along the length of the piece with very little movement in the width. The trim pieces serve to hide the expansion and contraction. Proper installation is key to this product and it is not rocket science to learn. The other consideration is to use a rainscreen. We used Home Slicker Plus which consists of a nylon mesh bonded to Typar house wrap. Don't even consider not using a rainscreen with this product.

Installed correctly the result is a beautiful maintenance free siding. Nucedar has done a such a great job mimicking cedar planks no one can tell the difference even when they touch the siding. There was real cedar on the house that was rotted and the carpenter bees and ants loved the stuff. After the residing no insects have made a home. Our home is located in a rural setting so critters abound. It also doesn't absorb water and with the rainfall here in the Hudson Valley that is also key.

The factory finish is the way to go and after 3 years the stuff looks brand new. The southside of the house is in constant sun and the surface temperature will go from single digits at night in winter to 70 degrees or more during the day even if the air temp is below freezing. This is a real test of the quality of this siding material and it remains unaffected. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this siding to anyone. One 16' by 7" plank of Channel Rustic costs $64.95 and is worth every penny in future maintenance. The darker looking pieces in the south wall photo are due to the way light is reflected not the color of the finish.

Useful Information from

We are in the process of siding our home and have chosen the clay color Apex siding. I have done a lot of research on all the products we have looked at, some of the interesting things I learned include the fact that NuCedar is a popular choice, but you need to use a different trim with it, due to the fact it expands and contracts. Unfortunately it didn't work with my trim, but since it's made from PVC it will probably last many years.

Hardieboard is a very popular choice installed in millions of properties throughout the country. However, hardiboard is prone to water absorption and shouldn't be used in wet or colder areas, where the snow is likely to settle on the board.

The reason I eventually went with Apex siding is because its fiberglass, this means that it will not absorb water and it won't expand or contract. This was overall a sound choice for us and affordable in the long run.

The prices are also dramatic between the three with Hardiboard coming it at around $240 per square meter, NuCedar was much more expensive at between $400 and $450 per square meter and Apex was in the middle at $400 a square meter.

2013 - Tracy - Homeowner

Siding Options

I do a large number of siding jobs each year and must admit that personally if I was siding my property without a budget, I would choose the cedar lap siding. The NuCedar is a great choice when money isn't a concern, but you don't want the maintenance, while LP Smartside is growing in popularity. I'm actually installing more of the Smartside these days than fiber cement. Vinyl has also become very popular, though ensure you choose a quality product, such as the Crane products with the foam backed panels.

2013 - Brendon - Contractor

NuCedar v LP Smartside

I have never like vinyl siding, even though I know that they are constantly improving and have become exceptionally popular throughout the country. My problem is I am torn three ways between the LP Smarside, NuCedar and fiber cement options. What I am doing and you may want to do the same is getting in some samples of the siding I am interested in, this way I can see and touch them for myself. My contractor has assured me that Smartside is low maintenance and affordable to install. Most of the contractors I have spoken to in recent weeks suggest the Smartside rather than the fiber cement. I am not sure this all helps you with your own decision, if I were you I would get in some samples and then make your final decision.

2011 - Daniel - Homeowner

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NuCedar Shingle Advice

We are about to start building up in the mountains which has a high snow fall each year and I need a shingle that is durable, low maintenance and has low water absorption. Does anyone have experience with the NuCedar Shingles? I would appreciate any comments or advice.

2011 - Kim - Homeowner

[Contractor Response]

While I haven't had the opportunity of working with the NuCedar shingles, I have done extensive research on the product. What I found is that the product has been manufactured to the highest quality to reduce any of the issues you would probably experience with PVC. That being said installation is very important as well and the product is also one of the more expensive options to take.

LP Smartside is increasing in popularity, this siding is durable and very popular in the area where I work. It may be a good choice for you to reduce the amount of maintenance you'll need to carry out.

2011 - David - Contractor

NuCedar vs. Smartside

I am torn between two quotes that I have for siding my home. My choices are the Smartside and NuCedar. What is putting me off the NuCedar is that there isn't much supporting information on the product, which is a concern. I am now waiting for samples of both before making my final decision, but tend to be swaying towards the Smartside at the moment.

2010 - Dennis - Homeowner