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Editor's Preservation Siding Review

The Preservation Siding Collection is owned by Associated Materials Inc. (AMI), which also owns Alside, Gentek, UltraGuard and Revere siding. The "Collection" offers both windows and siding that are marketed as a high end product for discerning customers. In terms of the siding, the quality is certainly solid, although the products also seem to be priced high. It's unclear whether the higher price is worth the quality of the product.

Preservation Siding or Alside Prodigy

I'm currently considering both the AMI Preservation Collection and Alside Prodigy and was wondering if anyone had opinions on either one and how they compare? Each one is a clapboard with a foam back insulation, my contractor is of the opinion that they are essentiall the same thing. The Preservation seems like it is a higher grade that is only available to specific contractors, is this correct? I just don't get how they can be the same thing.

Drew - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

I'm not sure they are the EXACT same products, but they are probably very similar. AMI owns both Preservation and Alside, so their foam backed vinyl siding products are probably pretty close in construction and specs. Each one has an R5 rating I believe, which means that they are both solid products. In general, Alside and Preservation make good high end insulated vinyl siding. I would have your contractor price out both for you and choose the less expensive of the two (unless they are both too expensive and then you might want to look at Heartland CedarMAX composite cladding and Norandex Polar Wall Plus, both of which I have used in the past and like.)

Bill - Contractor - from 2011

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