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KP Siding Reviews

Read 2024 KP siding reviews from homeowners, consumers and professional installers on their most popular products.

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KP Vinyl Siding Warranty

I sent KP Building Products several pictures of my vinyl siding that had damage from bubbling, chipping, and flaking. Their customer claim report stated that I needed to include a sample of the siding. I believe with all the pictures I included of actual box labels of the boxes I kept, and pictures of the siding damage, etc., along with the purchase invoice, it was more than ample proof that I indeed purchased all materials from their company.

I pulled several scrap pieces from left-over pieces in storage and finally found one long enough to get the "run number." The eight-foot plus piece only had one run number on it. If that is the case, I would have to try to pull off a long enough piece from my home and "hope" it has the number they request. I then would have to cut it to three feet to send in the sample. How crazy is that? I did not plan to have my home look worse than it already does waiting for my claim to be resolved. I feel I provided enough evidence and documentation that I have a legitimate reason for submitting a claim.

I am wondering if this company makes the warranty process difficult, so people lose interest in getting their concerns addressed. They advertise a 50-year warranty on this particular siding. All panels have peeling and chipping on only the bottom half of each piece of vinyl. That means the damage was not caused by hail, weather, etc. It HAS to be their paint process/manufacturing. I also now found internet reviews and Better Business complaints of this company's siding that proves they have had many complaints about their vinyl siding flaking, bubbling, and peeling so I do not believe they are not aware that there was a problem with the paint process of the product. Terrible product and terrible customer service!

Three months later they sent an adjuster to look at my home and he stated that they are not responsible since the vinyl siding is peeling and bubbling because of "heat." My siding is located in North Dakota so what do they tell people where the climate is even warmer?

Katie - Homeowner - from 2020

Norman Rockwell Vinyl Siding Reviews

We bought NR siding for our house a few years ago. It didn't look particularly different than other vinyl boards, but it was a bit thicker than some of the others we looked at. It was not one of the foam backed sidings that will add lots of R-value for better energy savings -- these were out of our price range. I did like the color selection and it probably did have something to do with the whole Norman Rockwell thing (I'm sad to admit). Nice colors and a decent product, I was sold. So far, so good on the durability and we haven't had to make any repairs or replace any panels.

Noah - Homeowner - from 2012

KP Perfection Shingle Siding

I've used the Perfection Shingles on maybe 5 jobs in the past few years and I like the more rustic look of it compared to some of the other vinyl shingles I've used. It's also one of the best priced vinyl shingles on the market, which means that it's a nice low cost alternative for customers who are looking for a good product at a decent price.

Dean - Contractor - from 2011

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