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Composite Siding Reviews

Read composite siding reviews from contractors, installers and homeowners to find out their picks for the best composite materials on the market.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Apex Siding On Our Home

I am in the process of siding our 100+ year old home in the Boston area. Due to the age of the property I did a lot of research and ordered in plenty of samples to ensure the siding I chose matched our home perfectly. We were going to go with the Everlast composite siding, but I found it shone in the light and wasn't the look I was hoping to achieve. I then found Apex siding online, but unfortunately they're not in my local area. The company was exceptionally helpful and introduced me to the New England Manager who advised they were in the process of siding a building in Abbington if I wanted to see the siding in person and on a property. We took a day trip and went down to see the property and siding and I was so impressed, the siding resembled clapboard, in fact you probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart. I have managed to secure the same contractor that was installing on the Abbington property and am waiting for the project to commence.

2023 - Debbie - Homeowner

Certainteed vs. Hardie Board

Always remember that installation is just as important, if not more important than the product you choose. I installed over 2,000 square feet of Certainteed fiber cement boards back in 2006 and within a few months I had major issues, where the board was discolored. A few months after that the joints had shrunk and the panels cupped. The company that installed it confirmed that the boards were installed correctly, but when I got another professional out to have a look, they advised that it was a very poor installation job that had left me in this situation. Now if I had used Hardiplank I don't think I would have experienced these problems, I have used the James Hardie cement boards on many occasions with the same installation process and never had a day's problem. (Read additional fiber cement siding reviews.)

Jonathan - Contractor - 2019