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Durabuilt Siding Reviews

Read 4 Durabuilt siding reviews from consumers and industry insiders who have used their products in the past and can shed light on the quality and any issues they experienced from this Ply Gem owned company. Read more Ply Gem reviews here.

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Page Last Updated: February 15, 2024

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Durabuilt Vinyl Siding Review

We ordered Durabuilt vinyl siding last year and so far I'm pleased with the siding quality. There have no problems with the materials themselves, but I can't say the same for their customer service. The shipment of panels was late and each time I called they said it was en route, but it took way too long. Eventually it arrived, but it took awhile.

Drew - Consumer - from 2022

Durabuilt Insulated Siding

I really like this insulated vinyl siding. It's been on the house for a few years now and looks very nice. I've done some construction in the past and did the install myself. I was careful to read the instructions and take extra care with the starter strips. We've had some severe winter storms last season and the Durabuilt stood up to it nicely. I powerwash the outside every four months or so and it keeps it looking nice and clean. I'd definitely recommend it.

Billy - Consumer - from 2021

Durabuilt 410 Series

We went with the low end vinyl siding from Durabuilt (it all looked the same to us) and it get's banged up alot more than I would have thought. The lawnmower sometimes kicks out rocks that will nick the siding and over time there are a few spots that are looking pretty worked over. But for the price we paid, I would say it's a good deal. If you can afford to do a higher end fiber cement siding, I would recommend it, but if you are on a tight budget like we were, it's a good option.

Candy - Consumer - from 2021

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Durabuilt Siding 670 Series

Our Durabuilt vinyl siding has been on the house for almost 8 years at this point and no compliants so far. A few months after it was installed the lawnmower kicked a rock into one of the panels and tore a hole in it and we had to pay to get that fixed. We kept the leftover panels from the job so it wasn't a huge deal. We had something similar happen about six months ago and when I cut out the panel and patched it, I noticed that over the years the siding had faded a bit so the color didn't match exactly - our contractor said that all siding fades over time, just like stucco or paint. The upkeep is simple, a good pressure wash every 6 months. I give it a thumbs up.

Jenna - Consumer - from 2009

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